August 30, 2011

Daily Dose of Adorable

It just doesn't get old.  :)

Other favorite recent moments of babbling coherently include...

  • DD galloping down the hall towards me calling out, "Gimme a hug!  Gimme a hug!"
  • SI resting her head on my lap, looking up, and clearly saying, "Hello!"
  • Sniffing the air tentatively and asking, "Did somebody poop?"  To which DD responded, "Debbah poo!"  "Did SI poo?"  "No, Debbah poo!"  And she was right.
  • SI pulling all the little house books off the shelf, bringing them to me in a gigantic heap, and demanding, "Read books!"
  • Both children gleefully pulling my clothing OUT of the drawers and placingthem carefully in the laundry basket, "helping" mommy with the household chores, while chanting, "Laundry!  Laundry!  Laundry!"
  • Learning from one tiny nibble exactly what cake is, and spending the next two days running into the kitchen saying, "Cake please!"
  • DD looking like a super cute caricature of a toddler when she says, "Please!"  She puts her hands together next to her chin and bats her eyelashes.  Who taught her that?
  • SI standing next to me, holding up her tiny little fingers and saying, "Hold hands!"  Every time we walk down the hall.
  • DD laughing and shouting, "Cartoons!  Cartoons!" as we leave the breakfast table.
  • SI approaching anyone at random, announcing, "Lizards eat bugs," and sticking her tongue out as though she's slurping up some ants.

...that's all.  :)
Mmm... cake batter!

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