October 4, 2011

Dancing Through Life

"Pre-Breakfast Dance Party"
One of my least favorite parts of my current schedule is that I'm gone every morning.  I have class every single week day, most days for less than an hour.  Starting at 8am across town.  This has been a problem for me.

Despite the fact that I am indisputably NOT a morning person, mornings had become my favorite part of the day.  Entirely because of my children.  Without my children's morning routine, I have become the biggest morning grouch you ever saw.  Based on our temperaments at dawn, my kids and I share absolutely no genetic links.

As for the girls, I have never known anyone to wake up so cheerful, so happy, so... on the right side of the bed.

I don't just say that because this morning I awoke to the sounds of laughter and the repeated refrain, "Mommy yay!" coming over the monitor.  Although that helps.

Mornings are so cheery that we've developed a few morning routines that I adore.  Including our pre-breakfast dance party.

I go into the room once they're awake, already dancing in their beds and giggling wildly.  Once we're all dressed and ready for breakfast, we dance.  Usually this is my chance to let breakfast cool off.

We dance the Hora (probably my favorite with a toddler on each arm), or we dance the twist.  Or, if we're talking about DD, we dance the Elaine.

DD dances the Elaine worse than Elaine dances the Elaine.  Here, if you've never seen it...

Picture that dance.  Now, picture it being executed (ha ha ha) by a three foot tall ball of early morning energy.  Now, picture it moving rapidly in a straight line down the hall.

Legs, kicked off to opposite sides, ankles turned in.

Arms waving madly (with or without thumbs pointed out).


DD loves to dance.  And she might be the only person I know worse at it than me.  It's quite refreshing.

This love for the dance is not confined to DD alone.  SI also has a never ending affection for dance.  In fact, our morning frequently turn into endless variations of, "The Dancing Show."  "The Dancing Show" is when SI makes me pull out the video camera and film her while she hops up and down in the kitchen doorway.  While wearing sparkly red Dorothy shoes.

"Dancing Show, mommy!  Dancing show!"  She'll demand, and run off to dance in the doorway.

Yes, our home is always full of dancing.

It's why I advise people to stay away.

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  1. your daughter is so sweet dancing. my little one was born to dance. she is 18 months and she's got some moves... omg! so funny to watch her. I bet you've got a lot of fun with your kids. I totally understand why you love mornings these days!



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