March 29, 2012

March of Summer (in haiku)

They might in fact actually be fairies.
While there were tornadoes ripping past my hometown and through the southern parts of my current state (Illinois, not blind panic), here in Chicago we had... summer.

That's right.  For the first half of March, it was downright balmy in the windy city.  We had eight straight days of record breaking highs.  And not just record breaking, record SHATTERING.  A week ago, it was ninety degrees.  In Chicago.  In March.

So what did I do with my kids?  I took them outside.

I kept wanting to turn on the sprinkler in the back yard, but... who knew how long it would last?  What if it froze again?  Not worth the trouble.  So the girls had to be satisfied with playing in the grass and the sun.

Oh, the horrors.

At any rate, I don't consider myself a particularly good photographer.  But I do love taking pictures of my children.  And they certainly make it easy.  So here, for your enjoyment, is my photo spam.  Captioned in haiku.

Because deficient though I usually am in the realm of photographing my children, I am a master of poetical brevity.

glowing in the dusk

my sweet queen of the back yard

surveying her realm

knows what I'm doing

forgetting about the fit

she threw over lunch
two angels in white

dirty knees, chestnut ringlets

sand between their toes
sunlight in her hair

she tires of me watching her
"mommy, I coming..."
always mommy's hats

too large, too great, too heavy

always mommy's heart


  1. Oh super cute Lea!! we busted out the water table. I couldn't blame PJ for wanting it. It was fricking hot!!

  2. Your pictures are adorable! I can't wait for it to get warm here!

  3. sooo beautiful!! your babes, the photos, and that last line

  4. SO cute! It's summer in March here as well. And we have busted out the water toys! SB has this sprinker-like toy that attaches to the hose. We've even been to the pool a few times. Of coure, we're in FL. So it's open year round... ;)

    But I am scared for the actual summer considering how hot it has been this month!



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