March 4, 2012

New Feature: Weekly Blogaround

I'll be making a badge for next week.
But for now...
Hello, lovely readers!

As you may have guessed, I spend a lot of time blogging.

And since I do a lot of reading in addition to my writing during my online time (sorry Spanish homework, you'll have to wait until the last moment again), I've decided to share with you what I consider the best blog posts I read each week.

Usually, I share these as I read them via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+... but now you can find them all here!

How convenient is that?

Each Sunday I'll link up my favorite posts of the week.  No idea how many that will be.  Today it's seven, next time...  well we'll just have to see who writes something awesome before I make any executive decisions.

So without further ado, my weekly Blogaround:

Try Defying Gravity: "Brother"
As one son grows, he helps his brother to grow as well.  An autism success story.  Beautiful.

QueensNYCMom: "Free Congratulations From the White House"
I think that, now that I have this information, I'll actually send out birth announcements this time around.

Daddy Knows Less: "10 Movies I Can't Wait to Watch with Peanut"
A great list, a great set of reasons.  I'll be putting one together for myself in the near future.

The Mom Pledge Blog: "Vlog Tour"
Get to know the women who have taken the pledge!  And if you haven't already, take it!

BWS tips buttonTales of an Unlikely Mother - "Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight"
In case you didn't know all of the other awful things that some men are saying about women who rely on birth control...

The Kopp Girls: "Lessons Unknowingly Taught"
What can I say?  I'm a sucker for toddlers nursing toys.

The Hossman Chronicles: "I Love You"
I'm also a sucker for daddies who love their kids.

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