June 5, 2012

Downtown Sound at Millennium Park

In the hopes that if I keep coming up with fun stuff to do I'll have to miss something because I'll be having a baby, we took the girls to Downtown Sound.

...that's a series of free concerts in Millennium Park.

Millennium Park has a really wonderful outdoor amphitheater, and it was perfect early summer weather.  Mid seventies, sunny, just a little breezy...

We packed sandwiches and snacks and drinks and headed off to enjoy the live music.

So. much. fun!

Last night the free concert was Jonathan Richman.  If you're not familiar with him...

You also might recognize him as the troubadour in "There's Something About Mary."

He's pretty much my mother's favorite person in the universe.

At any rate, it was a thrilling evening of picnicking, dancing, attacking Daddy, and adventure.

Actually, we lost SI for one horrifying moment.  I had sat down on the ground to comfort her after she took a spill, and thanks to my gigantic pregnant belly, I couldn't get up.  By the time I got off the ground, she was gone.  Thankfully, a policeman found her about twenty feet away, lost in the crowd.  It was utterly terrifying for both of us.

And now?  The picture spam!

A beautiful day for a concert in the park!

SI, Grandmommy, and DD at Cloudgate- or as we locals call it, the Big Bean.


Chasing pigeons!

Chasing pigeons!

Thanks to SI, there are probably no pigeons left in Millennium Park.




Hug break!

Mommy's hat!

Watching Jonathan take the stage.

This photo makes me laugh so hard.  Sorry, Grandmommy.

Daddy's hat!

Attacking Daddy

Also super fun- Jonathan ended the evening by playing one of my favorites of his tunes:

A wonderful evening.  Now, if we can't just become a family of five already... I think we'll all be even happier.  Right?

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