June 9, 2012

Myth Busting at the MSI

As you may recall, we're having a hopefully-labor-inducing week of chaotic fun.

And what could be more chaotic and more fun than heading to the Museum of Science and Industry to check out the Myth Busters exhibit?

In case you're not familiar with it, Myth Busters is a super cool science show.  Yes, science.  They occasionally seem to be hiding the science behind explosions and goofiness, but it's there.  The whole show is basically a love letter to scientific method.

I love that show.

Anyway, the exhibit was half paraphernalia from the show, half experiments for the visitors to try out.  Of course, the girls were a little small for about half of them, but the other half?

DD kept saying something that made me so happy.  We'd do one experiment, and then she'd say, "I want to play another game!"  Because science = games.

I hope she always believes that. :)

In addition to seeing the Myth Busters exhibit, we also hit some old favorites at the MSI.

And now?  Photo spam!





Main Street of Yesteryear!

Myth Busters!

Does the toast always land butter side down?

Explosions in slo-mo!

Do you get wetter running or walking in the rain?

Put blacklight reactive paint in the water, and find out!

No matter the result, running in the rain is always fun.

...and yeah, you seem to get pretty wet no matter what.  :)

Can you pull out a tablecloth without knocking over the dishes?

How long can you dangle from a windowsill?

Can you cut through things from far away with a playing card?

Well, Becoming SuperMommy can!  On the first try, no less!

More trains!

SI the Engineer and DD the Fireman!

Cows, under any circumstances, are always exciting.
Heading home, for some much needed rest after a day at the MSI.

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