August 26, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 8.26.12

Hello again, my lovely readers!

Time for yet another Blogaround!  Again, I ask that if you see (or write) any posts throughout the week that you think should be featured, let me know!

Honest Conversations"How are the Boys?" - Honest Conversations
I've been there.  You want to be honest, but social conventions being what they are... and then, of course, there's part of you that just doesn't want to admit that you're kind of lost with your own kids.  Parenting is hard, and there's not always the sort of help out there that actually helps.

"Playing Doctor" - The Kopp Girls
Sometimes, kids do hilarious things.  I think we can all enjoy that.  :)

"DISAPPOINTED!" - Short Fat Dictator
Short Fat Dictator describes well the agony of trying to be strong and brave and happy for your children.  I go through this every two to five hours- right before I nurse RH I have a mini panic attack... and pretending that you don't want to run screaming from your own home is hard.

"Fighting the Stereotype that Math is Only for Boys" - Double X Science
I always loved math as a kid.  In fact, I still love math.  I went into the arts because, frankly, of all the things I loved I thought it was coolest.  And I don't remember ever feeling like I was supposed to be worse at math than boys.  But girls do.  And for some reason, we just accept that.  What is wrong with us?

"Abort!" - Robot Eats Ice Cream
I think we all needed this brief moment of humor in our lives this week.  Thanks, to yet another awesome robot-themed blog.

"Wow. That USED to be Sexy." - Motherhood Is Beautiful and Other Lies
An amazingly accurate list.

"Letter" - Good Times Dad
Yes, I shed a tear.  I love this.  I love doting daddies.  I love daddies of little girls.  Yeah, I love my daddy.  And I love my daughters' daddy.  He would totally relate to this- although perhaps the little bit about Everclear would be more descriptive of him replaced with "Foo Fighters."

"Interview with a Three Year Old- x3!" - The Alexander's Hat Trick
I love this idea.  I'll be doing it with the girls in a little over a month.  Plus, until very recently SI would have had the same reaction to the song question.  :)

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