October 16, 2012

Oogie Boogie-ing

I know, I said I'd post these every Monday.  Yesterday was an interesting day though, so I'm posting it now.

I figure, it's October.  And there's still plenty of time for me to keep the music thematic.  After all, come December I think all of you want to see us dance to the Maccabeats or Joan Jett's "Little Drummer Boy," don't you?

So for the rest of October- we're doing Halloween!



So what made yesterday so interesting?

Shots.  Freakin' shots.

As you probably recall, I am pro-vaccination.

I believe that it is part of the social contract that we vaccinate, in addition to doing what I believe is best for my children's personal health.

So yesterday, poor little RH got four shots, as the producers have run low on combo vaccines.  It put her out of sorts all morning.

DD and SI each got a flu shot, that they took like CHAMPS.  For real, I wish *I* was as good at taking shots as those kids.  SI was a little surprised- "The doctor POKED me!" she exclaimed, over and over.  And I explained that while it is not okay to poke in general, her doctor needed to poke her to get the medicine inside of her body.  She seemed fascinated by that, and accepted it well.

Neither big girls cried a single tear.  Neither screamed.  Nobody fought.  It was almost eerie.

...and then I had my first day of therapy in about six years.

So yes, for all of you who have been concerned about me and my PPD, I have sought help.  I am seeking help.  And I'm pretty happy with my therapist so far, so that seems like a very good thing.

Hopefully, come spring, I'll be a whole new person.

Months of dancing will have made me happier with my body.
Months of therapy will have made me happier with myself.

And maybe by then, months of experience will have made me happier with my movie editing.

I feel like I'm going to finish off 2012 strong.  Now all I have to do is make/plan holiday gifts and find an out-of-the-home job, and I am golden.

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