December 5, 2012

Help Me, Social Media Angels

Something very frustrating has happened over at Casa SuperMommy.

No, it's not the very nasty cold that SI has, and it's not that I accidentally forgot to order my holiday cards with expedited shipping.

Somebody on Facebook marked my blog as abusive content.

I've gone through every document, every link that Facebook would provide me in order to resolve this, and I found the source of the problem.

My Bully Shaming post.

Somebody at Facebook claimed that I was promoting self harm.

First of all, this is incredibly hurtful, as I never intended to suggest anything of the sort.  My years of self-abuse are some of the darkest and most painful I have ever lived, and I only wrote of them to show what incredible harm bullying can do.  I would never suggest that anyone else ever hurt themselves.

Second of all, this is incredibly hurtful as somebody may have flagged my blog maliciously, and the idea that there are people out there who want to somehow harm me by harming my blog is... well... offensive.  And sad.

So I'm asking that people please try to post links to this blog on Facebook, and when they receive the popup about how it is abusive content, they report the mistake.

Thank you all, lovely readers, in advance.  I hope that I can resolve this and have SuperMommy on Facebook operating properly soon.

Many thanks,
Becoming SuperMommy


  1. Done - got the message and reported as a mistake

  2. Done - It didn't give me a pop-up though :)

  3. Done. It did give me the pop up, and I reported the mistake.

  4. Got the message and told them it was a mistake; that your blog is nothing short of an amazing support for fellow women, mothers, and parents in general.

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