February 10, 2013

Review: Prenatal Oxylent

As you probably remember, I suffered some really horrific PPD after RH came into the world.

I have all sorts of theories of how it got started. It could have been the full blown panic attack I had during the c-section. It could have been the insane difficulty of establishing nursing. It could have been that my recovery from that c-section was HORRIBLE in no uncertain terms. It could have been that I felt fat and awful about myself for so long after the delivery that I forgot how to not feel awful about myself. It could have been that M and I were fighting.

It could have been plain ol' hormones messing up my life.

Whatever it was, I got out of it. Thank God. But how?

Some months ago (I'm a terrible, terrible choice of spokesperson), I agreed to review a prenatal vitamin supplement. Oxylent.

And as I was doing the bare minimum to take care of myself, I didn't try it. And I didn't try it. And I didn't try it.

And then, Ani Difranco reminded me that I chose my life, and I should be happy with it, and try to just do myself a favor and chin up. (I'm paraphrasing, of course.)

So I started taking my vitamins.

And you know what? I started feeling a million times better.

Not only did I feel SO MUCH HEALTHIER with the energy that comes with healthy B vitamin absorption, not only did I feel SO MUCH HAPPIER without the constant minor health symptoms that come when you don't ingest any vitamin C or zinc, suddenly, I was a hell of a lot more hydrated.

You see, unlike most gross vitamin pills that I would never in a million years use regularly, Oxylent is is a powder that you mix into a glass of water.

You know, like Airborne or EmergenC. Only it's actually a multivitamin. A prenatal mutlivitamin, no less.

I had a hell of a time finding a prenatal multivitamin. In fact, I never did. I only used quadruple doses of gummy vitamins, because the fish oil made me so sick. But Oxylent doesn't have fish oil! And prenatal vitamins are still ideal to use when you're nursing.

And so, suddenly I was having a much better time. I was drinking at least two glasses of water a day, I was ingesting all these good vitamins, and I felt like a million bucks. Well, at least like a crisp new $20 bill.

Really, it helped me get my life back on track. I felt like a lump of a human being. A useless, hopeless, miserable lump. And with regular hydration and vitamins, I felt like a lumpy person, and then just pretty much like a person.

I'm not saying that vitamins can cure depression. But I am saying that physical health and mental health are related. If you're going to take care of your physical needs, your emotional needs will become less onerous. At least you're a healthy body containing them, right?

So I totally recommend Oxylent. It's surprisingly delicious, sugar free, and makes water easier to chug when you're chasing two preschoolers with an arm full of baby.

Prenatal Oxylent: it has the Becoming SuperMommy seal of approval.

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