March 24, 2013

Sunday Blogaround- 3.24.13

Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to another edition of the Blogaround!

Today, I'm cooking my tukhus off with Aunt Genocide in preparation of our Passover Seder, which is tomorrow. Yes, we're watching the Ten Commandments on a loop. I promise you.

This does mean, however, that in all the buildup towards Passover, a few blogs might have slipped through the cracks. I'm sorry about that. No doubt next week's selection will feature a veritable cornucopia of Passover related posts. Or at least, nonsense scribbled by drunken Jews after their fourth cups of wine.

In the meantime, enjoy the blogaround!


"Let's Bring the Holidays Down A Notch"- Rage Against the Minivan
I don't normally do this, but rather than describe this post, I'll just quote a few of the comments. "Slow clap." "Amen!" "Oh, the joy this post brought me this morning.""You're my new favorite person." So yeah, definitely go read this one.

"I Am Not Your Wife, Sister or Daughter. I Am A Person" - The Belle Jar
I have been saying this since long before I was a wife or mother. I HATE being defined in terms of my relationships to men. I am a person- if I had simply popped into being without parents, I would still be a person. The fact that I have relationships simply does not define me. And if I didn't have relationships, mistreating me would be equally as wrong.

"Fake It Till You Make It" - The Kopp Girls
If you need a quick little dose of adorable, this would be it.

"Tiny Burgers" - 649.133

The Family Pants"Two Versions of the Same Tale" - The Family Pants 
Boy do I know this one. Aunt Genocide and I are stilli fighting about our differing memories from our early childhood. And about the truth regarding the untimely demise of the family guinea pigs. Memory is a bizarre thing.

"Keeping Up With The Neighborhood: Knowledge from Fred Rogers" - Departing the Text
There is never a bad time for a lesson or two from Mr. Rogers.

"On Cancer and Ass-kicking!" - Dad of the Decade
You probably recall that Ben of Dad of the Decade is a phenomenal writer. You may also recall that his ten year old (or is she eleven now?) suffered from a rare and incredibly terrifying form of cancer. Really, go read all his stories. Anyway, he's doing a fund raiser. Go give the American Cancer Society (direct link on the above blog post) some money, and get a totally kick-ass guest blogger. DO IT NOW!

Photobucket"baby, baby, baby. ohhh..." - googiemama
googiemama has done it again. She has created a sewing project that I would LOVE for the two or twelve hours it takes to recreate. Well, maybe once I'm a grandma or something I'll make these awesome things. The poop is my favorite part. NOW you're going to check it out, aren't you?

"That's Why They Call It Creative Writing" - Mobyjoe Cafe
This mom has a teenaged son, and I LOVE her stories about him. This story, in particular. Because how sweet it must be to have a moment to really teach your kid something important. And even more special, in the terms of something so important to you.

"Kids These Days" - Embracing Chaos
I may disagree somewhat with Sarah at Embracing Chaos about what constitutes "good music," but I completely agree that indoctrinating your kids against their other parent at an early age is essential. That's why I will soon be training DD and SI to say, "Pink Floyd is better than Led Zeppelin!" every time their dad wears his Icarus t-shirt.

Down Wit Dat"Make World Down Syndrome Day a Day of Action" - Down wit DAT
Thursday was World Down Syndrome Day. Learn all about it here.

"It's Gonna Be Okay" - Finally Mom
An old Chinese fable: Once upon a time, an old man was wandering through the countryside. A kind farmer let him into his family's home, and gave the old man a bed, and a meal. In the morning, the old man began to take leave of the family. The farmer stopped him, and humbly asked the old man to bless his home and his family. The old man paused, and then said, "Father dies, son dies, grandson dies." The farmer was outraged. "Is THIS how you would bless my family?" The old man nodded and replied, "Would you want it in any other order?" That story might not bring any comfort to Christina, but its moral seems to bring comfort to Oma. And that is what's most important.

"A Letter To My Sons About Stopping Rape" - Ask Moxie .org
THIS. This is what parents of sons need to teach. They can't just assume their sons *know* not to rape, and they can't just assume that their sons won't HELP. What a wonderful script to use while talking to your own children.


  1. thank you. and it does bring comfort to us both. but yes, especially her.

  2. Thank you for including me! The Belle Jar post is brilliant.



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