April 28, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 4.28.13

Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Blogaround!

I know, I have hardly been here this week. Barely even tweeted. But here I am with the Blogaround!

The Writer Revived

"Reunion" - The Writer Revived
Elizabeth has been having a very difficult time. Her father has had to move into an assisted living facility due to his dementia, and her four year old has been unable to spend time with him for quite a while. This is what happened when they finally got back together.

"The Confidence of TWO" - Short Fat Dictator
I love this kid! We could all take a few leaves from his book.

"Shirtless Ballerina Hulk" - Little Girls R Better at Designing Superheroes Than You
So. Great. This artist is collecting pictures of little girls dressed as their own superheroes. That means, not ridiculous, ├╝ber-revealing costumes, no lame powers, just actual superheroes that little girls have created for themselves. There are only a few so far, but it's one of my favorite ongoing projects online right now.

"To Vaccinate, or Not to Vaccinate? With a Lot Help From My Friends" - Momma Data
In honor of World Vaccination Week, a few posts on the subject. Studies showing probable causes for the trend in certain areas towards non-vaccination.

"The Facts in the Case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield" - Tall Guy Writes
In case you're unfamiliar with the recent confusion around vaccination, this is a very concise and readable explanation. I love explanatory comics.

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