May 26, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 5.26.13

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the blogaround!!!

I hope you're all enjoying a long, pleasant Memorial Day weekend! M and I are putting off our annual Memorial Weekend baseball game by a few weeks so we can see my favorite team. (Go Bucs!) So this weekend is all about cooking out in the rain. :)

And now, to the blogaround!

The Writer Revived
"Talk About It" - The Writer Revived
Elizabeth writes about campaigns to raise awareness for epilepsy, but that's not all. Her daughter also has epilepsy, and it's not what you might think. Learn all about it from the Writer Revived! Bonus pictures of Chris Pine!

"The Children Belong to Us All" - The Kopp Girls
Kyle writes about his reaction to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. I think we can all agree with every single word he said, and it might help to read it knowing how universal our desire to protect our children and our concern for each other can be. And that is one good thing that can come of this.

"Why Do Men Keep Putting Me In the Girlfriend Zone?" - [insert literary reference]
This. is. great. I've been hearing this complaint since I was eleven- "friend zoned." How dare I want to be friends with a guy without having it be about sex? How cruel are women for wanting to be friends instead of... more? Great piece.

"It's time to look at a terrarium full of baby chicks" - Reasons My Son Is Crying
Recognize that attractive mother-daughter duo?

"So I paint my nails pretty regularly..." - A Still to Slow Down Time
I love this dude. I love this kid. I love that the world is getting more open minded, more tolerant of different ideas... less mired in our outdated ideas that "normal" means "typical," or "average." That "different" is bad. This is the future I want to live in.

"Why Society Still Needs Feminism" - help. i'm alive.
I've attempted to put exactly this into words- exactly the thing about the keys. I remember being taught to hold my keys like a weapon, splayed between my fingers. Just in case. This is extremely well put. That said, feel free to read my own explanations of the same topic.

Also- this. I can't wait for this guy to make a million more of these.

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  1. The convos with my 2 yr old.... I think I watched that 30 times the first day. The creator is a GENIUS!!! I've been kicking myself having not thought of this first, haha!



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