June 13, 2013

Always Listen To Your Grandmother

Great-Grandmommy and Great-Granddaddy getting to know RH
Just in case my lovely readers were wondering where I get my sense of humor, I'd like you all to know that it's a genetic trait.

After yesterday's post, Great-Grandmommy sent me a letter (and believe me, she wasn't the only person in my family to point out that my fear of spiders is insane and irrational- or that there are no lethally poisonous spiders in Chicago, or that I'm an adult and should get over it), and I thought you might all reap the benefits as well as I.

Dear Lea, 

Brown ***RECLUSE*** spiders are called that because they hate to be out in the light, let alone on a pile of dishes.  So, when faced with another spider on the dishes (I hope not, but just say...) here are the non-panic steps to take.

Fill kettle with water.  If the spider is around the kitchen sink, fill it in the bathroom.

Heat kettle to boiling.

Pour boiling water over the spider.  It won't hurt the dishes, but it will be instant nirvana for the spider.

Change your pants.

Relax and eat breakfast.

Works for me!  Of course, I am not afraid of spiders, just wasps, which could actually kill me.  So afraid is not really the operative word.  Of course, our spiders are really all your father told you about them. In Australia, there are lots of dangerous ones, but luckily they can't swim.  But they are actly scary.


Thanks, Granny.

I'll definitely do that.

...especially the part about the pants.

Me, Great-Grandmommy, and DD

1 comment:

  1. LOL, awesome advice!
    If it helps, she's right. Where I live there are both Recluse and Black Widows. And before I moved here, I was TERRIFIED of spiders (ask me about the story of the spider and the sword). But they do hide as much as possible. Both a good thing and not so good. I shake my shoes out every morning now...

    Love your G-ma!



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