June 23, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 6.23.13

Hello, and welcome to the Blogaround!

Today my family is acquiring a new member, sort of. We're sort of adopting a teenager for the summer.  Expect a few posts on that. Or rather, don't, because I'm also working on a very big project. Or three.

Basically, posts may be a bit thin on the ground this summer. (Again.) I'm sorry in advance.

On to the blogaround!

"Photo Essay: May 20, 2013, Moore, Oklahoma, EF-5 Tornado" - Hannah Explains It All
Hannah writes for a local paper, and last month it became her duty to drive out to survey the damage of the tornado. She's a local, her editor lives in Moore. The pictures and the stories are definitely worth a read.

"The Father's Day Blog I've Wanted To Write All Week" - Ask Your Dad
This story is so honest and raw. The relationship that kids have with death is strange, and complicated, and doesn't really get any less so as they age. We just get better at coping. This story isn't what I expected, and I love it. I'm sure you will, too.

"My Daughter Thinks She Can't Be President" - Salon
This is a problem. It's a problem that, having two girls the same age as the one in the story, I confront on a daily basis. Day after day is filled with Princesses, with the occasional glorious moments of "Doctor," or "Monster." This message is everywhere. And while it might be the case that the movies have really progressed with racially diverse presidents, wikipedia mentions only thirteen female presidents on television AND in movies since the 1950s. I bet you can come up with thirteen male fictional presidents on film in ten seconds. Go ahead and count, and then go read this story.

The Family Pants"Things I Want To Tell Nigella Lawson (and You)" - The Family Pants Blog
I wasn't familiar with this story. This story is awful. But Mama Pants' great big heart always warms mine. It's important for every woman to go into the world knowing that she has options- she doesn't have to live with abuse. She SHOULDN'T have to live with abuse. And there is always somebody there to help her find her way out. Please, reach out.

"Too much pink! How toys have become alarmingly gender stereotyped since the seventies... at the cost of little girls' self-esteem" - MailOnline
I've been saying it since long before I became a parent. This has got to stop. In fact, I'm going to be asking that, when it comes to DD and SI's next birthday (and all subsequent birthdays) that pink be limited ONLY to clothing. Because frankly, we have enough pink toys for a Princess army.

"Thirty Things My Dad Taught Me" - Dovetail Blog
I love this list. I love pretty much everything about it. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood and my dad, and it makes me wistful for the future I have yet to share with my daughters. Really lovely.

"Five Simple Words" - Daddy Knows Less
Peanut sees her daddy in the best possible light. It's easy to forget how our kids see us, because we're imagining how they see us. I imagine that they see me as a mercurial monster, shouting and changing rules and enforcing arbitrary nap times without joy. But they see me as the giver and recipient of endless hugs, as the kisser of all owies, as the ultimate dance partner. I hope I never forget.

"One Woman's Struggle To Use Her Penis Pan" - Penis Pans.com
I can't tell you how many times I've looked at those novelty pans and thought, "What the hell ELSE can you do with that thing?!" Well, now you know.

"This Is My Body" - Stripper Mom
I haven't ever bought a bra at Victoria's Secret. They simply don't make any that fit me. And yeah, it kind of makes me feel awful about myself sometimes. Kudos to this group. What a great protest. What a great idea. What an empowering thing to do. And what bravery on the part of those protesters. Wow.

Finding Joy"Why Moms Need to Laugh" - Finding Joy
I have to say, I am a mom who laughs. I laugh a lot. And my house reflects that, I think. It's a mess. It's filled with dust bunnies and heaps of junk mail and broken toys waiting for repairs. But I think this is brilliantly said, and that there are a lot of folks out there who need to hear it.

"We Can Make It" - The Hossman Chronicles
It's a mantra. It's more than a mantra. It's utterly hilarious. Daddy Hoss cracks me up with just about every post, and this is no different. I feel like I'm laughing at him, but I'm also totally sympathetic. The ego demands what it demands.

"Schrödinger's Rapist: Or A Guy's Guide To Approaching Strange Women Without Being Maced" - Shapely Prose
You probably know that this is kind of a pet issue of mine. I've written about it. A lot. That said, this is a very clear, understandable base-line explanation for how men ought to approach women they don't know in a non-threatening manner. And it also explains how actions they may have found harmless are actually indicative of a much more serious problem that they might now have understood. Well done.

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