June 9, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 6.9.13

Hello, lovely readers, and welcome to the Sunday Blogaround!

It's been an exciting and eventful week in the blogosphere. Seriously, SO many good posts!

Today, as you devour the following WONDERFUL posts, we're enjoying our first ballgame of the season. Yes, we're the people with the little kids rooting for the Pirates at Wrigley. Yes, in the bleachers. I can't promise we'll make it home unharmed. So in case I never post again, you'll know that we were slaughtered by drunk, angry Cubs fans as we cheered our team to victory. Go Bucs!


The Crafting Hobbit"The Big Reveal" - The Crafting Hobbit
Irene is finally through with the process of her prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. It's more than just going to the doctor and having them slice of your breasts, it's a lifesaving operation, and it's one that alters your body permanently. and if you, like Irene and I, partially find your sense of self identity in your breasts... it can come with a lot of baggage. These pictures symbolize an important journey. I recommend reading all about it.

"Confessions of a Former Slut Shamer" - Feminspire
You've probably heard the term "slut shaming" a hundred times. Or maybe you haven't. Either way, you might wonder what it means. This is an EXCELLENT explanation, put into a context that I think a lot of us can understand- hating Britney Spears when she broke the scene.

"Sowing My Wild Oats" - Dude of the House
First of all, no, it's not what you think it's about. When I started reading it, I had a moment of, "Oh, we're doing THIS..." and then, wait, no, it's not. I definitely giggled, and definitely considered advising M to trash our bathroom, as well.

"We all need to hear these words sometimes..." - Martinis and Minivans
It's important to offer kindness to others. It's particularly important to approach other parents with sympathy and understanding. And it's equally important to realize that, even with your best intentions, you just don't know. You have no idea what the circumstances of another person's life might be. You are an outsider.

"Messy, Messy Kids" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
I'm with Rachel, I think kids should get messy, there's a lot of good that comes from making (and cleaning up) a mess. There's a lot of good that comes from immersive play. And of course, the messes sometimes result in the absolute cutest picture you've ever seen in your entire freakin' life. The eyebrows... oh dear lord...

"Pie mission takes Brighton couple around nation" - Livingston Daily
I know, it's not a blog, it's news. But I know this lady- Sarah. She's a friend of Aunt Genocide's from way back in their Hebrew School days. Unfortunately, due to absolute chaos at dinnertime, the SuperMommy family missed the pie-velution, And sadly, it was not televised.

Suburban Rebel Mom"Educating Post Sex Ed" - Suburban Rebel Mom
Okay, I laughed, too. I remember that first introduction to human biology, and I remember being awkward and confused. I believe very strongly in comprehensive sex ed- that means teaching kids about the realities of changing bodies and the realities of sex. Right now though, I'm just kind of glad I don't have any boys that need to discuss this particular, ahem, issue.

"Because. People Really Are Good." - Single Dad Laughing
Every once in a while I want to shake my head and write off all of humanity. I throw up my hands and say, "People are awful." But I don't fundamentally believe that. I fundamentally believe that in their most basic nature, people care about each other. This read really helps keep that perspective.

"Joss Whedon: The lack of female superheroes in movies 'pisses me off.' Tell me about it, dude." - The Mary Sue
Well, this is pretty self explanatory. I will add that there is one totally legit reason- the comics for most female superheroes SUCK. The few that are really good are short run and obscure. But the material is out there, and if movie execs would just sit up and take notice, the entire world of cinema would be better for it.

"A Running Start" - Daddy Knows Less
I love everything about this. From the honest hope of a father to share something personal with his daughter, to the reality of parenting a small child, to the deeper truth about life and the things we actually want to keep private and hidden. It's a gem.

"When Women Pursue Sex, Even Men Don't Get It" - New York Magazine
I know, not really a blog. BUT IT'S SO INTERESTING. Navigating the dating scene is really hard, and as a sex-positive lady and mom, I worry about what I'm going to tell my girls when their hormones start to get the best of them. The answer is this. I will tell them this.

"A Place of No" - Short Fat Dictator
I live here, too. Having three very small children with minds of their own and little to no sense of self preservation tends to lead to an awful lot of negative language. I am also striving to change my environment. As always, the SFD tackles the subject hilariously.

"Hide" - All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something
Something Something ButtonPost partum depression and bipolar disorder are real things, and they are nobody's fault. This has been on my mind quite a bit since the HuffPo published a piece I wrote about realizing I was suffering from PPD. I never mentioned the words "post partum depression," and the commenters were VICIOUS. And that's what the world is like when you're suffering from a mental illness. Parts of you are invisible, and people are so quick to attack you for honesty. This post is an excellent invitation for those who are hiding in plain sight with their diseases to come out and find help.

"Why It's Still Important To Follow Your Heart" - Ryan Holmes
I don't know about you, but for me Chris Hadfield has joined the ranks of my all-time greatest role models. So what can you (or your kids, or your friends, or pretty much anybody) learn from him? This. In comic form, no less. :)

"Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark On Your Genes" - Discover
I know, also not a blog. But the implications are staggering. On the one hand, this totally validates the ideas behind cultures, like my own, that maintaining a sort of genetic heritage is important (perhaps it really is easier for descendants of Holocaust survivors to understand the gravity of that event). At the same time, is could also explain some of the trends in behavior among different generations. And the reason that some psychological problems seem to get passed from one generation to the next. Can't wait to see what further information comes of this.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out =) I have warm fuzzies. Can't wait to check out these other blogs with a cup of coffee nearby. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Ha, my boobs are on the internet!

  3. The world needs better lady superheroes.



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