August 11, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 8.11.13

Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to another edition of the Blogaround!

It's been a busy week at Casa SuperMommy, and on the blogosphere! I'm delighted to show you this week's crop of excellent posts.

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom"When Did This Happen?" - Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom
Steph's daughter turned five years old. I know, it happens to every child, ideally. But it's a terrifying prospect for me, when my twins are nearing up on four. And I can't imagine the changes that come with the paradigm shift of kindergarten. And as always, Steph expresses her confusion and even a little grief in the most beautiful way.

"To An Invisible Mom" - Tell Another Mom
Yes, I did write this post. But you might have missed it. And you should read it. I posted it there rather than here because it's almost a little too personal, but not exactly to me. It's not exactly my story to tell. But you should read it.

"The Metropolitan Opera, Nov. 4 1953" - The Lively Morgue
I love everything about this. Having spent so much of my life in theater, and having so many friends in theater, I can't say enough how fabulous it is to see that some things really never change, and some things are always as melodramatic and amazing as they ought to be.

"The Duchess of Cabridge's Natural, Unmedicated, FANTASTIC Birth" - Moms New Stage
This isn't really about Kate's birth experience. It's about every birth experience. So many moms, myself included, didn't get what we wanted. And we feel judged for that, as though it was our responsibility, and we feel hurt by that, because we share that impulse, to judge ourselves. And every experience has value, but the lack of something so meaningful to us, of an experience profound and rare, is a genuine trauma to those of us who have experienced it.

"Mom left him alone with his older sister in the bathroom for one minute." - Reasons My Son Is Crying
I think somebody sneaked into my house in order to take this picture.

"What is Normal Anyway?" - Man vs. Mommy
I know what it's like to be afraid to ask the question, "Is this normal?" And I know what it's like not to get the answer you want. And this view into Mommy's head and this glimpse into Man's life is beautiful and moving. A wonderful read.

"Love in the Time of Dementia" - Kelley's Break Room
This is heartbreaking and beautiful. A love story, but the side of it we never tell. We like love stories that end when the couple is young and full of life, when they ride off into the sunset. We don't ask what happens to them when they're old, and caring for each other at the end of their days. This is what happens.

"Good Enough" - Don't Mind the Mess
As if it's not hard enough to be a mom, and is if it's not hard enough to parent a special needs child, and as if it's not hard enough to go through a divorce, Jess is also a blogger. And that makes all of her mistakes, all of her questionable moments, public. Which matters when you're a parent of a special needs kids, going through a divorce. This is an incredibly honest look inside her mind and her life at a very difficult time, and one from which we could all learn a few lessons about how to forgive ourselves in our dark times.

"It's What Dads are Supposed to Do!" - The Kopp Girls
I love Kyle. I wish he wrote every single day. But I'll just have to settle for these great stories about traumatizing his kids. (I'll also definitely have to watch that movie he was mentioning. It sounds awesome!)

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