August 4, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 8.4.13

Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to another edition of the Sunday Blogaround!

I'm also happy to introduce a new feature on the blog! If you look to the bottom right corner of the window, you'll notice a little chat box. It's basically a Becoming SuperMommy chatroom! You can log in via Twitter or Facebook, and talk to other readers! Stop in! Say hello! Tell them what you think of these posts as you read them!


The Family PantsComing Home - The Family Pants Blog
It's no secret by now, I'm having a love affair with Mama Pants. Meeting her was one of the best parts of BlogHer '13 for me. But this post is every reason why. She handles complicated emotions with grace and beauty, and her family is lovely and human and relatable. Every time I read one of her posts, I feel like I'm looking into a little window into our shared humanity. I'm sure you'll all enjoy this.

Dear Mommy Bloggers, It's Not You It's Me - Clothesline Confessional
Promise me you'll read past the first line, mommy bloggers. Because this is important. There are so many mom blog out there that it's easy for us to forget that our experiences aren't universal. I've written about the expectations of motherhood before, about how I disagree with the way we and society present motherhood. This is why, and this is more than that. It's about finding painful truths within yourself and learning to take your life as it is.

An Open Letter to Patrick Stewart - Blue Jean Dreams
This blog is a collaborative projects between survivors of sexual violence. In case you're not familiar with the work of Sir Patrick Stewart, beyond acting I mean, he is the loudest male voice in the fight to end domestic violence. Pretty much all you need to know about him can be summed up, by him no less, in this video.

Next Life No KidsWhy Can't Beauty Win? - Next Life, NO Kids
Depression is a disease, and it affects people in real, measurable ways. And the recovery isn't a fixed period- it can take years. A lifetime. Julie is compiling a list of beautiful things. Things to help when you're trapped in the bottom of the well. Go take a look at this, and contribute your story, your pictures, or your words if you can.

How I Forgave Jamie Oliver - Eva Lesko Natiello
This is a delightful read about cooking. No, about loving cooking. Or about loving the way you cook. Or just loving your ingredients. Or about just enjoying yourself. Whatever it's really about, it's a wonderful blog, and you should really go read it.

What I Would Do If I Wasn't Afraid - Stop Drop and Blog
Maybe this just appeals to me because I understand how frightening it is to sit down and start writing a book. Or maybe it appeals to me because I also try to live without fear, and know that deep down I have secret terrors. Whatever the case may be, this is my favorite post BlogHer story.

Saying Goodbye To Breastfeeding - Kissing the Frog
A lovely, bittersweet post. I also felt the joy and sadness of weaning. It's a strange thing. I didn't *love* nursing, exactly. Two of my three brutalized me. They were vicious nursers. I had severe DMER. I had nursing problems. But once all that was said and done, nursing was beautiful and wonderful. And I can't imagine how much stronger those feelings of pride and joy and sadness must be after nursing for nine years.

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook - Thug Kitchen
Okay, this post isn't a story or a recipe or anything, it's just really exciting news. I might end up buying myself a copy of that cookbook just so I can tear out every page and have them reprinted in poster size to paper my kitchen walls. That won't be at all awkward when my kids can read.

It Takes A GD Village - I Want A Dumpster Baby
Another post I relate to on about a million levels. It DOES take a village. I remember how incredibly grateful we were to find Our Mary Poppins, and how devastating it was when she had to move on. I remember the joy and overwhelming panic of bringing home new twins. And I know the pressure and excitement to deciding to just sit down and write it out. If you don't know this blog, go learn about it now.

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  1. Fabulous curation of blog posts. I enjoyed reading everyone for different reasons. Thanks so much for including mine, How I Forgave Jamie Oliver. And yes, it's about enjoying someone who's passionate about something without apologies or rules, who does it to the beat of his own drummer and somehow eludes criticism in the process. Shouldn't we all live our lives that way? Thanks Lea!



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