September 29, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 9.29.13

Hello! And welcome to another edition of the Blogaround!

There were some spectacular posts this week. Enjoy!

Scary Mommy
"The Invisible Moms Club" - Scary Mommy
You may remember once upon a time I wrote a post, a letter to Invisible Moms. I've known many, and my heart breaks for them. Most women with children don't know how to relate to the invisible moms. How to talk to them, how to treat them.  This post is a beautiful, tender explanation. From a member of the club.

"Why I Want My Kids To Read Banned Books" - Agony of the Untold Story
This week was Banned Book week! Banned Book Week is one of my favorite times of the year. I pick up some of my very favorite literature, I challenge my preconceptions and my comfortable ideas of the way I see the universe, and then I enjoy a spectacular story. This post explains the value of literature that broadens your perspective, and discusses the varied (and invariably incorrect) reasons that parents in particular pressure schools to ban books. A must read.

"Don't feel bad that I'm gone." - Letters of Note
Tuesday was Aunt Something Funny's birthday. But it was also the anniversary of Jim Henson's death. Jim Henson was a true educator, teaching not only lessons about the alphabet and numbers, but compassion, kindness, acceptance of people- monsters and birds and humans alike. But perhaps one of the greatest lessons he ever shared was grace and understanding and peace in the face of death. These are letters he wrote to his friends and children, to be delivered in the event of his death. They are beautiful.

"Children of Alcoholics" - Caffeinated Chronicles of a Supermom
Alcoholism is a disease that affects more that those who suffer from it directly. Their families, their friends... and in particular, their children. This is Sara's story, and it is worth reading.

"The Palmer Station Bar" - Antarctica. Srsly.
When he's not galavanting around North American on a motorcycle (see how I linked in his other blog here?),  my friend Brendan is in Antarctica, and some of the most amazing things about life at the bottom of the world is the dedication of the people who live there. Who work there. Who take time and resources from their own limited supply and use them to create something beautiful. This is amazing.

Renegade Mothering"A Logical Argument Against Sheltering Your Kid for Religious Purposes" - Renegade Mothering
I agree with absolutely everything said in this post. The thing about sheltering your kids is, in almost every single circumstance, it doesn't actually help them. It doesn't educate them, it doesn't protect them, and it doesn't help them cope with the world around them. Education is always preferable to intentional ignorance.

"Parenting Issues Effect Us All" - The Kopp Girls
Okay, so I didn't watch the Emmy Awards. So if it weren't for Kyle, I wouldn't have known anything about this hysterical bit of parenting humor. I adore Will Ferrel's bits with his kids, and this is definitely the best of the best. I think every parent in the world can relate. And what a fun way to get your kids to go to work with you.

"Amazing Historic Compilations of NYC Crime Scenes" - My Modern Met
This. is. so. cool.
Seriously, Marc Hermann takes old crime scene photographs from around New York (mostly Brooklyn, from what I've seen), and returns to the scene of the crime. He stages his photographs to match the angles perfectly, and then photographs the scene again. And then superimposes the original image, collages them. The result? Spectacular.

"Modeling Consent" - Disrupting Dinner Parties
This post is... wonderful. I, like may feminists, advocates, survivors, and conscientious human beings, have written a great deal about Rape Culture, about creating a culture of consent rather than engaging in rape culture. But there aren't a lot of models for how that's done. This. This is an excellent model.

"The Moment You've Been Waiting For..." - Blogger Idol
Guess what??? GUESS WHAT?????
I'm in Blogger Idol!!!!
I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you all! Now remember to get over there and vote for me every week! I promise I'll provide the links. :)

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  1. Gah. Thank you so much for the share! I like to think that sometimes my words make an impact but really, they feel very small to me. I particularly enjoyed reaching out to people who I knew battled addiction and gave them a sincere thank you for their sobriety from their kids. I know so many families that will hopefully never know this kind of pain because more people are seeking help. Thank you for passing it along, I hope someone who needs to read it will <3



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