October 3, 2013

Writing with a 15 Month Old- A Nearly Wordless Description

"Whatcha doin, mama?"

"Oh! The internets! I'm good at the internets!"

"You're doing such a good job of writing! Here's a big wet kiss for letting me do the internets!"

"Shh- don't say it. I know. I know."

"Stop writing! Now you're done! You don't need your face anymore, do you? I'm gonna eat your glasses! Can't write if you can't see!

"What's that over there? Why don't you get down? What's that on the table? Is that leftover bagel? Ooh! Shiny!"

"You just go ahead. Just pretend I'm not even here."

"I love you too, Mama."


  1. Maybe no writing gets done, but it's super cute (and looks like fun)! :)



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