November 25, 2013

Been Caught Stealing

My Skewed View
This week's Twisted Mix Tape theme is... Songs that could get me arrested.

Now, I thought for a moment that this referred to songs I have listened to while in the process of doing something seriously illegal. In which case, my list is the entire album "Haunted" by Poe, which I listened to ad nauseum in the middle of the night after stealing my father's convertible and joyriding through the countryside (with a conditional driver's license).

But no, this list is more of a series of jokes. Song titles, where if the subject of the song was something you actually did... well... you'd be arrested.

So with that in mind, my list:

Let's start literally. Stealing is illegal. Period. Bonus? This music video. Is amazing.

My husband and I had our first real musical disagreement over Aerosmith. I contend that they're one of the greatest rock bands of all time, while he describes them as "stripper music." Needless to say, history will undoubtedly vindicate both of us.

It's not in the title, I know, but... "Everybody must get stoned" has a pretty specific set of connotations.

While we're on the subject of songs with CONTENTS that would get us arrested, rather than their titles... this is probably the best song about coke dealers I know. So catchy! So fun! So much cocaine!

Last, but not least, a song notorious for its illegal activity, all of which is implied subtly and never overtly stated. This is the world's most famous song about stalking. Terrifying, constant, ominous stalking. The singer of this song needs help, possibly even more help than the subject of the song... who I seriously recommend ought to talk to a lawyer and get an order of protection. Because this shit is scary.


  1. I'm never going to think of So Happy Together quite the same again! I loved your first two picks - I'd forgotten about Been Caught Stealing and how much I adored that video. As for Aerosmith - I'm totally going to ask my husband about the stripper connotation. Because, I'm sure he knows guys who'd have an opinion on that.... and it sounds right.

  2. I have to agree with babygatesdown, I am never going to thing of So Happy Together the same way. I may even get creeped out every time I hear it now. I totally forgot about Been Caught Stealing. Used to play that song on repeat.

  3. I agree with everyone else so far about Happy Together, that's just freaking me out now. But loved the Jane's Addiction and Cake!

  4. This is a great list…So Happy Together? Who knew it was stalker-ish? And I also agree that history will vindicate both you and your husband! Aerosmith is almost a guilty pleasure at this point. And that's probably what most (grown) men would say about strippers…so there's that!

  5. Love the Cake and the Eat The Rich. I laugh everytime my parents or somebody older sings along to So Happy Together. It's a stalker song. hahahaha

    good list

  6. That was my first favorite Cake song. Cause it really is catchy isn't it?! I love that you had fun with this list, it was fun! Happy Together was also a first for me, it was my song with my first "real" boyfriend. High School.... I never really thought about it that way even though I listened to it a million times! AWESOME!

  7. I hadn't realised about Happy Together - I wonder if Jason Donovan did when he done a cover version. Love your comment about your joyriding - naughty, naughty lol

  8. I am new to Twisted Mix-Tape (2 weeks now) and I love the way you picked these songs, great list--I had never seen the Jane's Addiction video, hilarious. Bob Dylan...well let's just say that song brings back good times. As for Happy Together, I have to echo everyone here--had never thought about it that way at all. The song that always creeped me out along those lines is, Every Breath You Take, by the Police...

  9. Oh yeah! "Rainy Day Women", Cake, Aerosmith...good stuff!

  10. I tend to agree with your husband about Aerosmith. When they first came out, they were pegged as America's answer to the Rolling Stones, and many comparison's were made in the physical looks department. Plus, they're terrible in concert! I've never thought of the Turtles stalking ... but it could be, I guess. Enjoyed!

  11. I had “Been Caught Stealing” too--love that song. Love the Dylan song too. I didn’t know the Cake one--that was cool. I never caught the creepy lyrics of “So Happy Together” before :)

  12. Excellent choice with Dylan. And the Turtles, it was a much more innocent time... but then again. Great take on it.

  13. I love that song by the turtles!! Cool that.



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