May 7, 2014

For the Fairest Mother In the Land

*This is a sponsored post*

All my life, I wanted to go to Medieval Times. I remember seeing the commercials on Nickelodeon, and just wishing as hard as I could that I could come up with one single, solitary reason to get my parents to take me.

I knew it was hopeless. They were never cooperative about things like that.

I later learned that I would have had a bit of a miserable time, anyway. Back in the early nineties, there were no kinds of accommodations for people with dietary restrictions at places like that. I would have been a hungry kid, and I got severe hunger related anger when I was little. To be honest, I still do.

But these days, people are WAY more accommodating of things like being a vegetarian. So lucky me, I finally got to go to Medieval times for the first time a few years ago.

That's me, cozied up with the king.
It was AMAZING! Everything I'd ever hoped it would be, and more!

And you know what would be utterly fantastic? Going again.

And you know what? Mother's Day might just be the time.

This Mother's Day, Medieval Times is letting moms in for free, when you buy another full priced adult ticket. All you have to do is use the code MOMWeb when you buy tickets, through May 11.

How awesome is that? Super awesome, right?

Because moms deserve to be treated to falconry exhibitions and jousting competitions and a little dinner theater.


And on top of that, I think my kids might pee their pants with delight at getting to meet a "real" princess.


  1. Um, did you even ask about going, or did you just assume it was hopeless? I don't recall it if you did, but I don't see why it would be any less likely than Disney World.

    1. I believe I asked mom! And I'm pretty sure her reply made it sound JUST as unlikely as Disney World. ;)



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