January 4, 2015

Sunday Blogaround - 1.4.15

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Sunday Blogaround!

I always loved posting these roundups, so let's see if we can't make the Blogaround our routine again through 2015.

There's always so much wonderful stuff on the blogosphere, but I think New Year's is one of the best weeks for writing, period. Everyone's reflecting on their year, their lives, and their goals, and it makes for some very compelling reading. So to get your year off on the right foot, please enjoy these wonderful post.

Read on, lovelies!

Things I'm Supposed To Care About But Don't, Christmas Edition - Renegade Mothering
Take a deep breath, and read it. I love pretty much everything Janelle writes, and this is no exception. I'm new to the Christmas thing, and I saw the post she's writing about go around a lot. Part of me thought, "Oh, that makes sense," and part of me thought, "Really? Are we dictating how people pretend about Santa Claus?" I think Janelle is dead right about not protecting your children from reality, and I think it's always good to remember that.

My Year in Memoir - the Cougel Chronicles
Oritte writes eloquently about how the process of writing her memoir shaped her year. I really feel this, as my last year was also dedicated to writing a memoir, and I also relate so strongly to medical drama that interrupts newlywed bliss. It's a lovely post about authenticity and seeing yourself as you are. A must for writers, in particular.

Rise and Fall - Dad of the Decade
Another of my favorite bloggers of all time. Ben writes so beautifully about his experience, and about parenthood and fatherhood and loving somebody so much it consumes you. Prepare for all the feels, so many, many feels on this one. It, like everything Ben does, is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius.

Top Five Deep Dark Fears from 2014 - Deep Dark Fears
One of my new favorite guilty(ish) pleasures- Deep Dark Fears. This is a collection of illustrations made of people personal fears. Some of them are adorably childish. Some of them are terrifyingly specific. Some of them are funny, and some are sad. But I always love taking a moment and diving into somebody else's psyche, and for some reason, I think there's comfort to be found in knowing we all have these weird fears deep inside us.

The Family PantsDear Pants and Plum: On Chaos and Love - The Family Pants
Colleen is one of my favorite mommy bloggers on the face of the earth, and every time she posts it makes me feel things. This is a beautiful, sweet, thoroughly perfect open letter to her five and three year olds, and a wonderful reminder for any parent of a little kid what we get out of the chaos when it's all we can see.

Auld Acquaintance - Modern Mom
You got me, I wrote this one. We had a bit of a close call on our trip to Minnesota, and I am delighted to share the story with everyone. And I'm thrilled to be making my debut over at Modern Mom. So definitely head over and check it out!!!!

Spaghetti Toes
One of my new favorite tumblrs- a graphic designer and their kid, saying crazy things to each other (like ya do), illustrated. Yes, there's a great New Year's post... but let's just enjoy the entire thing for this week. Because I think most of us could have these printed up as posters for whichever room in our houses we go to hide from the kids.

The More We Leave Behind - Far From Paradise
Rather than reflecting on the old year, Amy is looking ahead to the new. I love her insights about, as she puts it, "self excavation." I love the idea of sort of decluttering your psyche as a gift to yourself. This is a lovely example of how to step boldly into your own future, and we could all benefit from following.

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