April 22, 2010

Naked Babies

My children love being naked. Honestly, six months and going on seven, and they're never happier than when they're nude.

Unfortunately, it's been winter and spring in the midwest, and that means that a naked baby gets kind of chilly before too long. So the opportunity to spend more and more time without clothes has been a very happy development.

Along with the nicer weather has come an unwelcome friend- diaper rash. Poor little SI has very sensitive skin and sleeps like a log, so the other day she woke from an 11 hour nap with the nastiest diaper rash I have ever seen. Cracked, bleeding sores on her rear. As you can imagine, she was not happy. I spent half the day trying a few different ointments, changing her CONSTANTLY, and attempting to distract her from her pain, before the cure presented itself.

It should have been so obvious... remove the diaper.

She's been completely pantsless for nearly two days, and I have never seen her this happy. Not only happy, but active! Generally she couldn't care less about things like rolling over or collecting her toys into a heap. But without pants?


I'm inclined to put her back into a diaper once it's all healed, but I might abandon the rest of her clothes for the season. After all, she is so freakin' happy.

Such a simple thing- you take away the clothes, and life becomes so much more peaceful...


  1. How does it work when she has to go though? are you cleaning up messes, or is she pretty vocal about her needs? I'm just wondering because I'd love to give my baby some extra freedom when she's here.. Also... are you using cloth diapers? I've heard great things...

  2. I will post all about cloth diapers! I will do that now!

    As for the cleaning up after her- it's very obvious when she's working on pooping. She turns beet red and grunts. At that point, we put an unfolded diaper under her butt, and then clean up as normal. As for peeing, we've been putting a waterproof pad under her on her play mat and swing. They're easy to find, and we use them under the sheets in the crib anyway.

    In general, I've found that baby bathroom issues are not nearly as much work as I had feared.



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