January 9, 2011

Using Your Words

SI took this picture.  I swear, DD is not the devil.

DD is learning to talk.

SI... not so much.  She might have said her first word more than a month before DD, but as in all other things, she's waiting until DD gets good at it to really put forward the effort.  I imagine she'll be completely non-verbal for the next year or so, and suddenly start speaking in complete sentences.

But DD, she's figuring it out.  Every day she points at something, listens to what it's called, and then repeats it.  Almost perfectly.  Yesterday it was "shoe," today (so far) it's been "door," "bird," and "juice."

She doesn't often remember them, but once she does...

Rasta SI
The other day I went into their room after their afternoon nap and started changing SI into a clean diaper.  DD was still sleepy in her crib, but once she really woke up she saw me playing with SI, and not HER.  In a very stern voice, she said to me as she shook her head until she fell over...

"No, mommy!  No!"

It was her first complete sentence, and her first fully articulated thought.

I would have been proud to bursting if I wasn't doubled over with laughter.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that is a priceless sentence! One that you can tease her about as a high schooler and get the "eye roll" of love. ;)



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