June 14, 2011

Rockin' the Bump

I've always loved Jewel.  But that's not why I'm linking up with Rockin' the Bump.  I'm liking up because I ROCKED the bump.  I LOVED the bump, no matter how miserable or uncomfortable I was.  I LOVED the bump.  So I showed it off.  And here, for your viewing pleasure, is how I rocked the bump.

22 weeks pregnant with twins
25 weeks pregnant with twins

28 weeks pregnant with twins

30 weeks pregnant with twins

32 weeks pregnant with twins

33 weeks pregnant with twins

34 weeks 5 days pregnant with twins, just a few short days before popping.


  1. Very nice pics! Did you get a belly cast? I always wanted to get one of those but I always had a bit too much belly on top of the bump to make it look good.

  2. You look like you were so happy to be pregnant!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. You look so beautiful in these pics! Your girls are beautiful too!

  4. You totally did rock the bump! :)

  5. Looks like you had fun taking pregnant pictures. You were definitely rockin it.

  6. You make pregnancy look so fun! Way to rock it.

  7. Great pictures! You are so brave to do naked ones...I wish I had been too!! :)

  8. You totally did rock the bump!

  9. Girl, you totally DID rock it! Loved seeing these! This link up was so much fun! Glad you participated. I did, too, so come over and see my bump...

  10. happy to find another twin mom who linked up! i made it to 34 weeks + 4 days ish w/ mine. but you rocked your belly much better than I did!!



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