August 19, 2011

Dinosaur Gardens

The SuperMommy family at Dinosaur Gardens!
On one rainy morning of our vacation, we packed up the grublings and went off to Dinosaur Gardens.

I know I've mentioned it before, but Dinosaur Gardens is one of the weirdest places possibly on earth.  At least in the country.  Some eighty years ago, a very eccentric man decided that he needed to bring to life a series of dinosaurs for future generations to... learn from?  Entertain themselves with?  Use to find a closer connection to God?

Wait, what?

Yes.  The very first dinosaur is a gigantic brontosaurus, complete with a stairwell that leads into its belly.  And from its belly you can view Jesus, the greatest heart of all, and the wise men than live in the dinosaur's tail.


This bizarre man constructed these things basically all by himself, with his own cement mixture containing, of all things, deer hair.  Eighty years ago.  Miraculously the things are still standing.

In every inch of their bizarre glory.

I loved this place as a kid.  As an adult I find it extremely hilarious.

Grandmommy and the girls approaching the brontosaurus containing Jesus and the Wise Men.
M and a T-Rex have a grinning contest
SI kissing a Triceratops
Aunt Genocide tries valiantly to rescue this poor guy, but I think it's too late.

Oh MY!

The girls particularly liked the dinosaurs with babies.  But those are prehistoric mammals.
SI: "Oh Grandmother!  What large teeth you have!"  By the way, that's supposed to be a velociraptor.
Bell learns quickly that nobody has more energy than a toddler.

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