August 20, 2011

Three Mile Beach

Poor M had to leave us a day early to get to work.  And with him, he took the rain.  On our last whole day in Greenbush (which SI learned to say and is still saying every time she wants to express her joy at something) my mother, my friend Dan, his kids, their dog, the grublings, and I went to Three Mile Beach.

Three Mile Beach is in the running for my favorite beach of all time.  For some reason, it's always practically abandoned.  And it's stunning.

Grandmommy and SI on the beach of Lake Huron

Once DD remembered that she actually loves the water, she had an absolute blast.

Too much fun for one picture to hold.


We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves.

Not surprisingly, SI was super smart about the lake.  Rather than try to wade in and fill her boat with water, she just sat the boat in the waves, and let the ebb and flow fill it for her.

DD and her watering can were inseparable.

When it's time to leave, it's time for snuggles.  Hugs for everyone!

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