November 23, 2011

Into The Great Blue Yonder

DD, snuggled up for a long trip
The suitcases are packed and in the car.

The cooler is filled with oven-ready Three Sisters and a plethora of pies.

Our traditional road trip themed mix CD has been burned, and along with the weeks medications is tucked snugly into my purse.

The diaper bags are fully stocked, it feels like every bib in the house is in one Mental Floss tote.

My children have been thoroughly fed- actually, they haven't stopped eating yet today.

The diaper service has been put on hold for the weekend.

The dishes are clean.  (!!!!)

Our Mary Poppins is pre-paid, has functional keys, and is planning on watching a few movies with our disturbed cat while we're away.

The car is filled with blankets, spare sweaters, tissues, etc.

We're ready to gorge ourselves on the bounty of Pilgrims and Natives, to celebrate our gratitude, and to spend several days in a food induced coma.

In short, all systems are go.  Out to the breach once more.  It's time to hit the road. soon as M gets home.  He'll lug the cooler and the diaper bags out to the car, and then?

Minnesota, ho!

SI, happily distracted and ready to road trip

In case you're wondering, I'll have my laptop with me, and continue my daily NoBloPoMo blogging.  Between the four blogs (two public, two private- sorry if you won't see them all!) and the end of the semester, we'll hardly be off the grid.

So... no worries!  You'll hardly miss me!

...I'm so addicted to the internet.

1 comment:

  1. That first picture is absolutely perfect. It always amazes me how much crap we have to pack for even a short trip. Can't wait for the first week-long trip (sarcasm).



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