January 19, 2012

Two Happy Things

...and here are two more happy things.  :)
Thank you all for the outpouring of support over my last post.  As I said, the internet is amazing the sort of connectedness is provides to us as human beings.

In order to ensure that today is a somewhat cheerier day, an anecdote and a dose of adorableness.

The other night, I was having some trouble sleeping.  Baby X is most active right after I stop being vertical for the day.  Active, but not aggressive.  Seriously, this is the most laid back fetus I've ever had the pleasure of gestating.

Regardless, having somebody roll over inside of your uterus in order to find a more comfortable position (I imagine Baby X is sort of like a dog that has to turn around three times before flopping over) is just not something it's easy to ignore in order to sleep.  On top of that, I was mentally going over notes for my first test of the semester.  M was exhausted.  He had worked all day, gone to class, and then to the grocery store.  Yet, he tried his hardest to stay awake for a while to keep me company.  I was sure he was asleep.  In a desperate attempt to get comfortable, I started to roll over.  This made him shuffle over a bit as well.  Perfectly clearly, he said to me, "I love you so much."  I was totally touched- here I was, waking him up in the middle of the night, and all he could think to say was how great he thought I was.

Had he been laying awake?  Thinking about how hard our last few years had been, and how much we had depended on each other?  Had he been thinking about how exciting the new chapter of our lives with Baby X was going to be?  Was he actually laying awake at night because he was just contemplating how important I was to him?  I choked up.  "I love you.  I would do every single day, the whole thing, all over again," I said.  Because I meant it.  M's response?

"That's a lot of cookbooks."

And then he resumed snoring- for probably the third time, my husband had been talking to me in his sleep.

I nearly woke hip up again by laughing.  But it's nice to know that he dreams about being in love with me.  :)

And here's your daily dose of adorable:

Yeah, those are videos of my kids singing while on the potty.  They're going to be THRILLED about that when they're teenagers, no?

With all the love and cuteness around here, Baby X is going to have a whole lot to live up to.  :)


  1. The very first time my husband (then-boyfriend) told me he loved me was in his sleep. It was perfect, because I knew it had to be true.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! Precious! And I'm totally already embarrassing my kid. He just doesn't know it yet!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog today. The linky for Secret Sunday is up now. I'll be sure to post it before noon (central time) from now on. KINDDAAA forgot that there might be people out there hoping to link up. ;)

    Jackie @



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