February 9, 2012

Silly Names

No, this isn't about Baby X.  Sorry.
This is not M's nurse.

My husband and I have spent a remarkable amount of time in hospitals, considering that neither of us is anything close to a medical professional.

Shortly before we moved in together, I began having problems relating to my dysautonomia, and spend several days in and out of a hospital.  Then M had his seizure and subsequent weeks of hospitalization (or near-hospitalization).  Then there were the endless treatments and MRIs, and then there was IVF and a complicated twin pregnancy.

And since then, there has been a really nasty gall bladder attack, and then a second complicated pregnancy.

This is not M's doctor.
I have more doctors' names and numbers in my phone than most doctors do.

...but the names.  Oh, the names!  Our doctors have the most absurd names you could possibly imagine.

When M was first diagnosed and admitted to his medical trial, his team of doctors were...

Dr. Raizor
Nurse Burns
...and Dr. Grimm.

We joked and joked about how dark it was, and about what on earth his radiologist might be named.

This is also not M's doctor.
Her name was Maryanne Marrimont.  She was as far from "Grim" as you could get.

I think about those doctors a whole lot.  We've seen so many come and go, so many specialists we never need to see again (we hope), so many nurses who have switched specialties or moved on to become stay-at-home parents...  We've been remarkably lucky to have such considerate and available and WONDERFUL doctors.

So yesterday... when my OB was out of the office and I was having gall bladder issues, when I found out the name of the doctor I had been referred to...  It seemed almost like a little twist of fate.

My new OB for the day?  Dr. Bacchus.

You just can't make some of these things up.

Having only communicated with Dr. Bacchus on the phone, for all I know this might in fact be right.


  1. can't help but adore someone who may enjoy a glass of red! While not a doctor, I grew up with a kid who had the worst name ever: Harry Weiner. Once I became an adult I really pityed the guy and wondered how any parent could do that to their child. Still, it makes for a great conversation starter when you say you knew a Harry Weiner

  2. My orthodontist's name was Dr. Toothman. Not as morbid, but still funny.

  3. I had a doctor called Dr. Doctor. I kid you not. He's in Norwalk, CT.

    1. Have you ever read Catch 22? There's a character in it- Major Major Major Major. Your doctor reminds me of that. :)



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