March 18, 2012

Sunday Blogaround

Round and round the blogosphere we go!
Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Blogaround!

"Mama, I Have To Tell You Something" - Parenthood: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures
Sometimes, they can both exasperating and incredible at the exact same time.

"Farewell 20's" - The Kopp Girls
Reflections on 29 full years of life, on the occasion of hitting the big 3-0.  I hope my husband reads this one, his 30th is coming up in August.  And I hope all of us can look back on our first three decades and see as many wonderful accomplishments.

"Full Metal stand Mixer" - Fall of James
1) I'm a sucker for SAHDs.  Seriously.  2) I'm a huge fan of good photography.  You know, not like mine.  3) I love me some Kubrick.

"I Don't Want to be a Hero... just to protect my daughter" - Alone in Holy Land
How would you be coping if a bomb fell right near your house?  Again?  (Yet another discovery via Pour Your Heart Out)

"I See What You're Doing There" - The Funny Feminist
The Funny Feminist usually doesn't like to comment on what she sees as being entirely obvious, so it takes a lot to get her out of her shell on topics like Rush Limbaugh.  This isn't about Rush Limbaugh.  It's about context, and why that matters if somebody is going to get involved in a debate about something like misogyny in the media.

"Sad Dog" - Sh*t My Kids Ruined
Seriously, that is one sad looking dog.

"Dear GOP: You Do Know How Pregnancy Works, Right?" - Emily Hauser-In My Head
A nice reminder.  Because I've been so angry I've actually been steaming at the ears.  Every single day.

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