March 19, 2012

Zoo Hullabaloo

There was a chimp that surreptitiously snuck up behind us while I was taking this picture.
March has come in... less than a lion than like a tabby cat.

While my home town back in Michigan has been having tornadoes, while there have been thunderstorms all around us, Chicago has been enjoying two weeks of summer.

I am not exaggerating.  It's been averaging around 80, it's been sunny and breezy, and the humidity has been actually comfortable.

For St. Patrick's Day, the girls played in the back yard in their bathing suits.  It's pretty weird... but I'm not complaining.
Bonus picture!  Just your typical Chicago St. Paddy's Backyard Beach Party!
So yesterday, when the girls were antsy and M and I realized that we had a whole day to do basically whatever we wanted, we took the kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  And it was awesome.

You know how it is when you go to the zoo- sometimes, the animals just sort of... avoid people.  And sometimes?  Sometimes they are inexplicably ALL ABOUT the visitors.

Yesterday almost all of the animals were putting on shows.

I'm sorry to say, I didn't get pictures of some of the most exciting stuff.  While M and I held the girl up (thus rendering us incapable of snapping pictures), a baby gibbon performed a series of acrobatics right in front of SI and DD's noses.  The daddy gibbon decided that a lady about three feet from us was somehow threatening him, and put on a very impressive display.  The mommy gibbon entertained herself picking up pieces of carrot and tossing them in air.  A zebra gave itself a dust bath in front of us.  We saw a kangaroo visiting with a local bunny rabbit.  And then there was the pygmy hippo... but thankfully, I got some shots of that!

Then, of course, we got ice cream.  Because no summer day at the zoo (in the middle of March) could be complete without ending the day covered in both dust AND ice cream.

Here you are!  Photos of the girls at the zoo!  (Including a new favorite of both me and the girls and M and the girls

After seeing the big cats, it was off to the monkey house.


If there was no glass, we would have been tickling that sleepy gorilla's toes.

Camels- one of DD's favorite animals.  Or at lest, her favorite animal cracker.

Me, my minions, and my enormous belly.

These kids are just too cute.

Polar bear!

Spoonbill!  And waterfalls!

As far as DD's concerned, if there isn't a tank of live fish, it's not worth going.

Pygmy hippo!

The pygmy hippo entertains the masses

Our trip's grand finale, a giraffe licking some condensation off a wall.  It was quite the thrill.  :)

SI- can't handle the excitement.  She woke up without complaint for ice cream.

DD- unable to utter her signature phrase, "Me too!"

DD telling daddy all about the zoo over ice cream.
Today it's a little gloomier, but still VERY nice.  This week we'll probably bring out the new bathing suits and kiddie pool.  And make a few more trips to the playground.  :)

Happy Monday!


  1. We went to the zoo too. Brookfield though. :) We also were outside all day.
    You look awesome chica! :)

  2. Looks like a great trip. I love taking my little nephew to the zoo when its nice out.



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