September 6, 2012

Old MacDonald- Radio Edit Required

This has been going on for about a year.  A whole year.

And in the course of that year, I have attempted time and time again to get a good video for you.

Yes, I've spent that year trying to help her out with her pronunciation.

But that doesn't change the fact that I, and all the other adults in her life, find this utterly hysterical.

So I pull out the camera to immortalize the moment, and she gets all shy.  She only mutters.  You can't be sure what you're hearing.

Finally, success.

Fear not, gentle readers, she is not angry or upset.  She is not injured or insulted or even stunned.

She is merely a duck.


I sincerely hope you all enjoyed that as much as I do.

We frequently find ourselves in public, and for some reason or other my lovely and usually cherubic daughter will begin impersonating the local wildlife.  Particularly the fowl.  And I always feel the angry glares of the churchgoing public.  After all, there's only one place my daughter could have picked up that kind of language.

Still, I imagine that sweet, angelic little face.  The eyes twinkling, curls bouncing, and radiant smile, whenever I do find myself in the need for a choice four letter word.

If I could say that to our Toyota dealership with the kind of sweetness and confidence of my daughter, I'm sure they could make our car run a little more smoothly.

As for DD... well...

I'll be sure to warn all of her preschool teachers about "Old MacDonald" before her school year begins.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! There are times I am grateful my son is slow in the speech dept. Cute.



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