September 2, 2012

Sunday Blogaround 9.2.12

Hello, lovely readers!

Anything from Friday is being covered in next week's blogaround.  Why?  Because I am not at home.  In fact, I am in paradise.

So... actually I'm not sorry at all.  :)
That said, QUITE the week in the blogosphere!  Amazing posts!  All over!  I hope you've got a comfy seat and your kids are happily cleaning up their toys all by themselves to prepare for a nice long nap so you can enjoy these posts as much as I did.

Happy Sunday!

"soooooooooo, i ran over five ducks on monday. help me feel better. please?" - Kelley's Break Room
I know, it just sounds horrible.  But, as I have previously illustrated, it is always important to find the humor in the horrible.  And Kelley succeeds.  Her four year old just cracks me up.

"Sex?" - The Hossman Chronicles
I am happy to say, I am able to read M's handwriting, most of the time.  Sadly, that doesn't mean that we haven't essentially had to schedule our evening's activities either.  And I also have no clue who Peter might be.

"How to Improve Articulation" - Multiples... and More!
SI in particular has some articulation problems.  And I LOVE some of the ideas in here.  We're definitely going to be playing "I Spy" with our 'k' and hard 'g' sounds.  Why those are her problem sounds, I have no idea.  But there you have it.

"It's Okay, Moms" - The O'Gs
I love Lisa so hard right now.

"Goodbye, Precious Lovey.  Hello, 1st Grade" - Honest Mom
My girls have been carrying their frogs everywhere since they could toddle.  Pink Frog and Green Frog (although I did once try to rename them Yucky Frog and Green Frog, which didn't work) are part of the family.  And the idea of the girls outgrowing them?  That hurts.  And I'm still not exactly sure why.

Mom Off Her Rocker"Twisted Sister" - Mom Off Her Rocker
Did I "lol"?  Yes, I "lol"ed.  Particularly in light of my own infant/Clockwork Orange jokes.  And now (if you're anything like me) you will have Sweeney Todd stuck in your head for the rest of the day,  You're welcome.

"Losin' It" - Short Fat Dictator
When M was going through chemo, I gained about twenty pounds.  That's because we were operating under the assumption that whatever M could eat, he should eat.  And I ate it with him.  Now that I'm a hormonal wreck, M is eating with me.  And that means three pints of Ben and Jerry's this week.  Time to put the ice cream down, maybe?

A(n) (un)Common Family"Choose Happy... and live like the Fairy Godmother" - A(n) (Un)Common Family
I love everything this woman writes.  I definitely need to steal her method for dealing with the drama queen- DD and SI both have their days, and I think that this could really help them through it.  And I too have been looking at life through a little window.  Time to shake it off a little bit, I think.

"Making a New McFriend at the Play Place" - Moms Who Drink And Swear
I don't take my kids to the play place.  I don't take them anywhere.  I just zone out and let them trash my house.  But if I DID and COULD take them to a play place, this is probably how it would go down.  I hope.

"In Which I Knock Those Who Yell" - The Spin Cycle
Confession: I've become a yeller.  SI is determinedly ignoring me when it suits her, and I frequently find myself losing any and all self control in this department.  Because when I manage to bottle up the urge to shout at her to just freakin' put the damn doll into the stupid bin and stop staring off into space, I'm afraid that instead I'll bash my head into a wall.  Or, you know, this.

"Do What Your Heart Tells You" - Michele Mossey
There is no moral, here.  There is just a story.  And sometimes, a story is enough.

Suburban Rebel Mom"Left Alone" - Suburban Rebel Mom
I can't imagine being in SRM's shoes.  I don't know if I would have had it in me to leave the kid with the cops, to keep my temper on the phone with CPS... I don't know.  But I do know that it is past time to make sure my kids have a plan for what to do if they find themselves mommy and daddy free in some public place, and I think it's essential that every parent understand that there IS a line.  And this was more than just a toe across.

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  1. Hey! Just found you through MBC and thought I'd check out your blog. Love it and as a 19 weeks preggo with our first, it is very helpful! New Follower!

    Hope you stop by my blog sometime :)



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