October 28, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 10.28.2012

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Blogaround!

This week, there were a lot of events that rattled the blogging world, particularly in mommy blogging circles.  It was another week of chaos, confusion, and the general happenings of life on Earth.  Enjoy!

"Dear Ann Coulter: This is Who You Insult With Your Words" - The Squashed Bologna
This spectrum mama writes about the hurt that can be inflicted with malicious word choices, but also about what damage you do to the country at large with the kind of vitriol that went around on Monday night.

"It's 'Just' A Word" - Kidneys and Eyes
In case you ever wondered what this sort of language does to the people it ridicules, read this.  It broke my heart.

Down Wit Dat"Retarded" - Down Wit DAT
This sums up everything.  Literally.

"Ann Coulter- a repeat offender (an r-word thing)" - Herding Cats
I think this family is great, and I think that every person should get to know a family like this, in person or remotely, and become a little closer to these issues.  On a personal level.  (And what I mean by "family like this" is one where despite individual needs, everyone cares for each other, protects each other, and defends each other.  Really, it should be every family.)

"Eclairs" - The Crazy Life of a Pantry Cook
Crap.  Now I have to make these.  :::sigh:::  But it's good to take a break between angering/upsetting subjects to remember that incredibly delicious homemade pastries are actually easy to make and make everything better.  Oh yeah, you know I eat my feelings.

"Rape is Rape" - Pile of Babies and Blogger Idol
This week, the remaining Blogger Idol competitors had to write about a controversial topic.  Now, I HATE that this is even close to a controversy.  But I agree with Pile of Babies 100%.  Oh- and as she wrote it for a competition, you can vote for her to win right here.

"My Friend Liz" - Ask Your Dad
This breaks my heart.  I know I've done this a lot recently, but really nice people keep finding themselves in horrible situations, and other really nice people keep... you know...  So if you have a few dollars to spare, think about sending it to Liz's widower, three year old, and week old baby.  Thank you.

"A Fair Share" - Daddy Knows Less
DKL experiences both sides of the win/lose parenting philosophy.  Me?  I had two kids from day one of parenting.  They've both had to learn to lose sometimes and win sometimes, because there are two of them.  Only children and oldest children are a much more complicated problem.  Great read.

"Man Weekend Goes Viral" - The Hossman Chronicles
I saw the title of this post, and immediately got nervous.  I'm familiar with man-weekend, and I was afraid that "STIs" might be the theme of the facial hair... however that might work.  I was completely surprised to discover that I was dead wrong.

"Just Stop... by Jess" - The Poop Whisperer
Oh man, this could be my house.  Not my story, I still haven't really gotten through toddler hurdles round one, so hopefully my transition to toddler #3 will feel simple and as though not much has changed.  We'll see.  But this could really be my house.  The wipes thing?  Happens here ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME.

"Anna Karenina, Runway Diva, or Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth the Gap" - All the Russias
If, like me, you've spent much of your life fairly obsessed with Russian literature, reading nearly the complete works of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Bulgakov; and if, like me, you have an innate distaste of our culture's determination to turn everything into cross-marketing ploys that detract from the substance of the things you love... you'll like this.


  1. Thanks for including me here! I'm in great company. Off to read more, now.

  2. Thanks for including me in here...I so appreciate you thinking about my daughter...



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