October 7, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 10.7.2012

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the blogaround!

It's been a very busy week here at Casa SuperMommy, but never fear!  The blogaround is here!


BWS tips button"Pass In On..." - The Mom Pledge Blog
October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.  I know, it's quite a mouthful.  But it's important.  I'm sure that there are lots of sociological and evolutionary reasons that bullying developed, that people do it.  But we've moved beyond that.  Here are some great suggestions for talking about bullying with your kids.

"Ending Polio: The Other 1%" - Momma Data
It's amazing to think that we, the human race, are capable of such feats as eradicating smallpox.  But it's just as amazing to think that as soon as all the people here in the developed world stop experiencing a problem, we stop caring about it entirely.  Polio is still real, and it still effects millions of people.  That's one thing that the UN managed to rally over last week.

Suburban Rebel Mom"The Bet" - Suburban Rebel Mom
Sometimes, the opportunity to shame your siblings in front of your children is just too good...

"Just a Few More Minutes..." - Kristin and Kayla
Seriously, every time this guy posts a new picture, you should see it.

"Mystery of the Nap Time Mess- CSI Mom Investigates" - Ask Your Dad
I love this.  So cute.  So much cuter than the messes my kids make, anyway.

"Cussing at the Baby" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
This is pretty much just as it sounds.  And I know who the culprit is in my family.  I'll give you a hint, she has her hands on the computer's keyboard right now...

"30 by 30: Please and Thank You" - The Daddy Dialogues
Brandon has made a 30 by 30 bucket list, and his time is running out.  But this one is super sweet, and the sort of bucket list item that only a parent could possibly prioritize.  I love it.

"30 by 30: Wrigley and Fenway" - The Daddy Dialogues
Yup, another one from the same list.  Only this is less about being a parent and more about being a die-hard baseball fan.  Yet another thing I completely understand.  (Why, Pirates???  WHY???????)

Also- it's not a blog post, but...

A friend of a friend of mine is going through something awful.  He and his wife welcomed their baby girl into the world last week, and after a brief stay in the hospital his wife Diana passed away.

It's heartbreaking.  I can't begin to imagine what Doug is going through right now.

Please consider donating a dollar or two to the fund for baby Ellie's future.

Thank you.


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  2. Thanks for sharing our post at Ask Your Dad! I'm just now finding your blog, but will be reading from now on!

    John (http://askyourdadblog.com)



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