November 11, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 11.11.12

Hello!  And welcome to another blogaround!

It's been another interesting week in the world and in the blogosphere.  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did!

"We Survive and Rebuild Because We're #JerseyStrong" - Daddy Knows Less
Confession: I hated living in New Jersey.  I hated my life in New Jersey.  I hated almost everything about New Jersey.  And sometimes, I was so miserable that I hated New Jersey itself.  But that's the angst of a kid, the reality is that there are real people who have died, real people who are homeless, real people who are now struggling without power and covered in snow.  And right now, all of my feelings towards New Jersey and the victims of the hurricane and noreaster are sympathy, sadness, and love.

"Thanksgiving: Wherefore Art Thou?" - Mary Tyler Mom
Being Jewish, I've been accused of being a "Scrooge" for having no real love for Christmas in November.  It has very little to do with not celebrating the holiday- it has more to do with the idea that I live in a culture where Christmas isn't a holiday, it's an entire season.  And I don't object to Christmas.  What I object to is being utterly saturated in so-called "Holiday Cheer" from the moment I start sewing Halloween costumes until March.  Anyway, Mary Tyler Mom put it better than me.

...but just to give you an idea of what if can be like to be Jewish in America in November and early December...

A(n) (un)Common Family
"Tinker Bell and Darth Vader on Halloween" - A(n) (Un)Common Family
So. stinkin'. cute.

"Carry That Weight" - 649.113
I am also of the school of parenting that appreciates my children growing up.  I love my baby, I loved when my big girls were babies, but truth be told... I prefer children to toddlers.  But still, there's something that you lose.  Something really precious and wonderful.  and so it does hurt when they grow, no matter how much you enjoy the change.

"Comic: When a Baby is Screaming, Every Conversation is a Fight..." - Ask Your Dad
I laughed so hard.  Because just the title is so true.  But the comic is hilarious.

BWS tips button"The Talk" - The Writer Revived
I've had to have a few very difficult conversations with my kids, SI in particular.  Taking them places like the Slutwalk, I really open up those opportunities.  But they're hard.  How do you explain what you mean by "bad things" when you're talking about the possibility of TRULY bad things, molestation and rape, murder, kidnapping?  How do you explain that?  Simply put, I'm not sure you can.  But you have to try.  And it is hard.

"Reminders" - Conception Deception
I remember vividly what we went through when we decided we were done storing our embryos from IVF.  It's hard.  Being done is hard.  And the thought of it is somehow terrifying.  I wasn't really ready. I don't think I'll ever be ready.


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  2. Found you via the bloggy Mom's blog hop, and then I accidently commented as my hubby. There's no shortage of great stuff to read on the list, then I find your blog around and the list grows.



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