November 18, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 11.18.12

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the Blogaround!!

This week, there was a lot of fun stuff out there.  I managed to keep up with a lot of my favorite people and blogs, despite being waist deep in NaNoWriMo.  And they ROCKED the blogosphere this week.  Seriously, if I'm behind in my word count, it's the fault of these blogger.  Enjoy- I know I did!

"Don't Tell Me What to Feed My Baby!" - Crazed in the Kitchen
This week's Blogger Idol prompt was to get up on your soapbox and talk about something that matters to you.  Crazed in the Kitchen was great, she wrote about feeding her babies, and the guilt associated with formula feeding, even when that is a totally acceptable, healthy, and sensical option.  Go vote for her!

"The 'N' Word" - Martinis and Minivans
This is another Blogger Idol contestant.  It's an issue that I think is very thought provoking, although I would say that M&M doesn't really seem to understand what it can be like to be part of a minority group.  Obviously, as she's a white Christian in America.  I believe that there is something essential in being able to use certain language within your own minority group, I think self-deprecating humor is essential to most people, let alone cultural groups, but I do wonder how to explain these differences to children, and what to tell them regarding the meaning and context of these words.

"I've Started Telling My daughters I'm Beautiful" - Offbeat Mama
This really moved me.  I do find myself, occasionally, telling my kids how awful I look.  But each time I do, I feel horrible about it.  I'm not sure I have it in me to tell my kids that my belly and flabby arms are beautiful, but I'd like to try.

"My Stolen Birthday" - Dude of the House
A short post that sums up how suddenly and completely your priorities have to change as a parent.

The Crafting Hobbit"Further Than I've Come Before" - The Crafting Hobbit
Irene has a genetic mutation that makes it VERY likely that she will develop breast cancer, and she has decided to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy   She has finally scheduled the surgery, and as I'm sure you can imagine, this is bringing up a lot of emotions she didn't really expect.  Please send her your love and support, and visit her blog to learn about the BRCA2 mutation.

"Breakup" - Antarctica. Srsly.
No, this has nothing to do with romantic entanglements.  It has everything to do with why somebody (particularly a photographer) would want to live at the bottom of the planet.  Breathtaking.

"Cheering Up" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
I find myself agreeing with Rachel nearly every time she writes anything at all.  So when her daughter decided to start cheerleading, I was cringing right along with her.  But the results?  Really wonderful.

"Cray Cray" - Finally Mom
I laughed so hard!  DD and SI are about the same age as Lovey, so there are a lot of milestones they're sort of meeting together.  Like picking up random phrases and repeating them, to the intense jubilation of the adults in their lives.

The Family Pants"A Nest for Birds, There Ain't No Words" - The Family Pants
I know all about this.  I put off cutting DD and SI's hair too long, and I never even properly blogged about it.  And since then, SI has had one minor bangs trimming, and they're both ready for haircut #2.  How does that happen?  And how is it possible that these children emerge when you cut off your babies' hair?

"The Billboard Jungle" - Short Fat Dictator
I thought that this was hilarious.  And awfully familiar.  I can't tell you how many commercials have left my children giggling about ladies in their "unnerpants."

"Arbity" - The Hossman Chronicles
Another funny one from Hossdad.  M and I had plenty of fights over names during our pregnancies.  It's harder every time- like you've used up all the names you ever agreed on.  One day, this planet IS going to actually run out of baby names.

"A Girl Needs to Feel: Purposeful, Accomplished and Special" - Stripping Down
I thought this was incredibly poignant.  I haven't read the book by Melissa Francis, and truth be told I never watched Little House on the Prairie.  But I've often wondered about the reason so many little girls get into acting/modeling/pageantry, and this is a very apt explanation.

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  1. Hi! I'm stopping by as part of Bloggy Mom's November hop. I think it's awesome that you posted links to sites you love. What a nice thing to do!



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