November 4, 2012

Sunday Blogaround - 11.4.2012

Hello, and welcome the Blogaround!

"That's a Good Question..." - Caffeinated Chronicles of a Supermom
It is a good question.  I for one have never been a fan of "sexy ____" as Halloween costumes.  Yes, I like to look sexy.  And yeah, Halloween is good for that. But I've been perfectly happy as NOT sexy things as well.  One of my favorite costumes was when I went as a dancing pack of cigarettes.  See, I had sexy legs, but it was a silly costume.  I've also been a cow, and more recently, the internet.  So... not all us ladies- even when we have the bodies to rock them- want to go as just plain slutty for Halloween.  Costume companies, take notice.  (To get the idea of what we're up against in the slutty costume department, check this out.)

"'Pick a bucket and go trick or treating' I said." - Kristin and Kayla
Seriously, ever time this dad stages a photo with his kids, it is BRILLIANT.

"Roxy the... what?" - Riding the Crazy Train
I laughed so hard I might have peed a little bit.  I couldn't stop thinking about a "pet snake" that was really a piece of rubber hose that my sister and I fought over for over a decade.  So, I guess that this mom might have it a little easy.  Not that dealing with found object attachment is EVERY easy.

"November is National Adoption Awareness Month" - Shopaholic Mommy
You are probably aware of my own feelings on adoption.  If not, read here.  Regardless, I think that this  is a wonderful set of suggestions for talking about adoption with your children, and a wonderful reminder that there are children who need homes, and there are many of us who are able (if not this minute) to open their hearts and homes and lives to those children but are afraid to start.

"They're back..." - Antarctica. Srsly.
I am so. jealous.

"My son painting his... A blue ball reality" - Sorry kid, your mom doesn't play well with others
So nice when it's somebody else having a bad day thanks to nail polish.  And so nice that none of my kids have testicles.

"Politics as Usual" - Mobyjoe Cafe
She put it perfectly.  Go out and vote.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, girlie! :) I am happy to report that when we finally laid Roxy to rest (she had grown moldy), Birdie handled it admirable. LOL!



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