November 1, 2012

This is Halloween...

So this year our family costume was.... The Wizard of Oz!!!

Chistory, Elphaba, Dorothy, Fiyero, Glinda (the "Gah" is silent)

That's right, we all got in on it.


SI was Dorothy- I am so proud of that dress!  I mocked that thing up in about twenty minutes.  Felt pretty awesome.

She was very upset at first that we didn't have a dedicated Toto.  But then I explained to her that she was really SI, and she was pretending to be Dorothy.  So the Pokey Little Puppy was going to pretend to be Toto for Halloween.  She was thrilled with this explanation.

DD was Glinda.  Well, she wanted to be a "pink princess with pink all over and a pink dress and a pink shirt and a pink crown and pink EVERYTHING!"  I wasn't having it.  I convinced her to be Glinda instead.  Basically the same thing anyway.  Her first dress WOULD have been better, but idiot that I am I cut her fabric for the top sideways.  Which means- no stretch.  Which means- no way it's getting on that kid.  So I had to do an emergency second dress.  And this is it.  Still turned out pretty good.  :)

The magic wand was icing on the cake, as far as she was concerned.

RH was... Chistory!  Okay, so if you're not familiar with Wicked, RH was a flying monkey.

I know, she kind of looks like a dragon.  And her ears are sort of sideways.  Give me a break, I made the costume in the five minutes I could count on the kids to entertain her once she woke up.  It was a slap-dash Halloween this year.

I was the Wicked Witch of the West!  (Or, you know, Elphaba.)

Yes, I *do* have the green facepaint, but I knew that if I painted myself green, something bad would happen.  I just couldn't bring myself to participate in that kind of mess.  So, sorry about that.

And M was the Scarecrow!  Or, for you Wicked fans, Fiyero!  Which is perfect, because... you know... Fiyero and Elphaba and whatnot...

...yeah, M kind of looks like Kung Fu Panda.  He needed a few patches on the shirt.  I forgot.

The girls had a blast.  We carved a pumpkin, and left it in our window for when we came home...

And of course, there was trick or treating.

I tried very hard to keep them warm without detracting from the costumes.  I think I did okay.

RH couldn't handle the excitement.

Sleepy flying (er, strolling) monkey.

And I know- you've been waiting for this week's dance party.  Fear no more!  Remember how I said I used to be in the Rocky Horror Picture Show cast?  Well, most years we did Thriller as a pre-show performance.  So, now you know what's coming.

I may not have time to do a weekly dance party anymore.  Now I have to dedicate my child-free moments to writing- not video editing.  Because... today is the start of NaNoWriMo!  So we'll see if I can do both.  If not, I promise you an AMAZING video to celebrate the end of the month.



  1. Awesome! I love it! Fun and creative. I've been thinking about you a lot. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for linking up for The Mom Pledge Halloween Blog Hop!

  2. You all look amazing! And I love the ruby slippers. Wish I'd of dressed up with Connor now! Baby and Me.



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