May 13, 2013

Let's Do This Every Year

All the best things for Mother's Day.
I think we may have found the perfect Mother's Day tradition.

While I spend a glorious extra forty minutes in bed, M and the girls make breakfast.

Heart shaped goat cheese omelet? Yes please. :)
Over breakfast, I am presented with some goofy token of my family's appreciation of me as a mother.

You know. Because I love Star Wars. And despite sharing her name, have never dressed up as Princess Leia.
Everyone gets a chance to play with my silly new toy.

Space-Princess DD
Space-Princess SI
The girls don't care if they don't exactly get it, it's still fun.

The littlest Leia
Of course, M gets in on the action.

Princess Daddy
Then, like a freakin' rock star, M takes the kids out to run some "Special Mother's Day Errands," and I stay home. Alone. To, say, take a hot bath. Maybe the first real, long, hot bath I've had in five years. Maybe in so long I've actually forgotten how one enters a bath so hot it's nearly scalding. Maybe.

With an icy glass of dry soda, the Stravinsky's Firebird ballet, and tea-tree and lavender bubbles? Ohhh yess....
While I soak in the tub for a glorious 80 minutes, I actually get to read a book.

FYI- if you're into thrillers, mysteries, horror, that sort of thing... this is PHENOMENAL. I could go on hours about how brilliant this book is- if you can believe it, I would call it a feminist serial-killer-who-brutalizes-and-violates-women book. Didn't know that sort of thing exists. Well, it does, And it's awesome. It's US release is next month. (Many many many extra thanks to Poppa for bringing me back an inscribed copy from London!)
After my long hot soak, I take a long cool shower. Then the girls return laden with gifts for their incredibly refreshed, incredibly happy mother.

If you live in/near Chicago and you've never had chocolate or ice cream from Margie's Candies, all I can say is... what have you been doing with your wasted life?
After a quick lunch of muffins (also courtesy of M's "Special Mother's Day Errands") the kids ALL nap, and M and I lounge around and devour way too much of the fruits of his labors. You know, while I finish my book. For real.

Seriously- it's set in Chicago, it has references to The Maxx, it's filled with wonderfully crafted characters and vivd historical references, and it is SERIOUSLY a page turner. You want to read this book and talk to me about it.
After nap time. we play and cuddle and laugh and have fun for about two hours, and then head out to a restaurant for a delicious Mother's Day dinner.

This involves DD plastering every inch of exposed skin with her marinara sauce. I mean look at her, the kid is orange.
And then? Home. And bed.

I love my goofy girls. :)
...and of course, more chocolates. :) Best. Mother's Day, Ever.

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  1. It sounds great! I love the heart shaped breakfast.



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