May 12, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 5.12.2013

It seems a little self serving to say so, but...  Happy Mother's Day!!!

And of course, welcome to another edition of the blogaround.

I hope this week has treated all of you well. Over at Casa SuperMommy, we've had huge ups and enormous downs. As you read this, I am engaged in my family's Mother's Day plans- for the morning, M is taking all three kids out to buy some flowers and chocolates, while I stay home and take a hot bath. Then nap time, I fill up the crock pot, and BAM! We're off to the museum!

Should be the best Mother's Day I've ever had. And I hope yours is just as good. And if you have the spare time today to read these blogs, then already your day is pretty awesome, no?


"Stop Skin Cancer Because You Can" - Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, an issue literally close to my heart, and this post has links to some excellent resources. It doesn't matter if you tanned or not, if you used sun block or not. Know your personal risks, and take care of yourself.

"What I Really Want For Mother's Day" - Diapers & Daisies
I LOVE this. It's just so sweet. I know the feeling of wanting to keep those special smells around, memorialize magical moments in something as visceral and real as scents. And I love her list of her plan for the day. What an excellent Mother's Day.

"To the Mother of Terrorists" - Ballet and Baseball
Too often we rush to conclusions. We judge, we condemn, and we never take the moment to feel pity. I pity this woman, I truly do. And I pity all those who knew and loved her sons before they did what they did, the people who cared for them and felt loyalty for them and never imagined that they could inflict so much harm.

The Family Pants"For the Girl in Grand Central Station" - The Family Pants
There are many people I want to send this to. People who I wish only happiness and joy and love, but are still waiting to be included in today's absurdly public club. This day belongs to them, too.

"Dear Moms of Adopted Children" - Kathy Lynn Harris
This writer took the letter I wrote to less-than-perfect moms, and turned it around. It's a love letter (and a sympathy card, and a get-well-soon bouquet, and a big thumbs up) to parents of adopted children. It's truly lovely.

"Pulling Truth" - Happy Hippie Homemaker
I love the way Rachel phrases this. My children are still young enough not to realize they can keep secrets from me. When I see one of them is lying, I basically have to ask, "Are you lying?" and I get a pretty straightforward answer. I also hope when they're older, we'll have the sort of relationship where we can talk to each other.

"Depression Part Two" - Hyperbole and a Half
As a person who has been suicidally depressed, I can tell you. This? This is what it's like. That moment when you realize that you don't want to live, and telling people is such a bother bec
ause it's just more things you sort of feel weird about without really being sad? This is it. And this? This is also how it starts to end.

"Why I Don't Diet- An Ode to My Father" - More Cabaret
A heartbreaking post. Anorexia is a real problem, and not just the purview of privileged white women. More and more, men are just as much victims of our society's bizarre standards of beauty. This is a tragic story, but maybe if more people read tales like this they can better help themselves, and the people they love.

"Mother's Day Secrets" - PostSecret
Hover your cursor over the cards- there are some other messages there.

BWS tips button"The Conversation You Need To Have with Your Child" - The Mom Pledge Blog
You probably already know how I feel about bullying, about inappropriate behavior online, and being honest with your children. This goes a little farther- it has useful suggestions for age-appropriate books and movies that deal with the subject of coping with and preventing bullying- whether or not it's the intention of that book or movie. Case in point? Dumbo. Brilliant.

"An Open Letter" - Good Times Dad
You know what's great? Honesty. Especially in the face of totally unacceptable behavior. Good Times Dad does a great job of simply turning a public issue around and explaining it without preaching, arguing, or name calling. Well done, sir.

"Happy Mother's Day." - i am madame
I love home-grown comics. And I snickered all the way through this one. My first mother's day, I was also up to my elbows in the grossness of twin babies. Good thing they were adorable when they weren't being disgusting. :)

Robot Love: Adventures of a Geek Family"What I Want for Mother's Day" - Robot Love
This. is. great. Once again, the Family Robot hits the nail on the head. Honestly? I don't give a crap if you formula fed or breast fed. It's not my business, and so long as your child appears to be cared for, healthy, and happy, it is GENUINELY none of my concern. The same applies for most of the parenting choices that utterly tear us apart. Let's move on and start acting like adults.

"Open Thread: New Parents, How's It Going?" - Captain Awkward
What Robot Love was talking about? This is it in action. Right here. It's a HUGE thread of new parents, just talking about being parents. And amazingly, it's almost 100% supportive, helpful, and friendly. See folks? It can be done!

"This Ad Has a Secret Anti-Abuse Message That Only Kids Can See" - Gizmodo

This. is. brilliant.

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