May 5, 2013

Sunday Blogaround - 5.5.2012

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, usarios preciosos! (La Profesora would be proud, no?) (An aside- apparently that's the ONLY blog post I've written including the word "grope.")

Welcome to another edition of the blogaround!

It's been a wonderful week. Spring is FINALLY really here. Strike that- spring basically skipped Chicago completely and we've gone right on to summer. I have no complaints- the warm weather seems to bring out the best in the blogosphere!

Rest in Pink" - Daddy Knows Less It's usually a very sad thing when a family pet dies, but never more so than when it's a child's first real encounter with death. This pet, however, might not be quite on par with a family dog or cat in the eyes of its young owner. Then again, it might.

"Florida Teen Tries to do Science, Gets Felony Charge for Curiosity" - Storify
This is a travesty. This bright young lady tried an experiment, and it did what happens to lots of high school chem lab pioneers... it exploded. It was a small explosion, nobody was hurt, and she learned from it. But she's being charged with a felony. As an adult. And that is absolutely absurd.

"A reminder of sorts to get the time capsule out of storage" - Finally Mom
This is just a lovely little anecdote, and some fabulous storytelling. Plus, pictures of Lovey can brighten pretty much any day.

"Second Rule of Baseball- There's Gum on Your Seat" - Mobyjoe Cafe
Has anybody else noticed that spring is suddenly haiku season? First of all, I love haiku. I write them almost daily- no joke. But recently they're EVERWHERE. The Cherry Blossom festival in DC, NASA is collecting them to send to Mars... Mobyjoe Cafe is often full of haiku, it's one of the things I love over there. So haiku AND baseball? Doesn't get more spring-y than that.

"Is it worth it to be a working mom?" - Honest Mom
This is the question I battle with every time I send out another resume. Yes, I'm still looking for work. And thanks for asking, I totally rocked that interview (NPOs loose funding, it happens, I'm still looking). But this is the question. It always seemed to come back to dollars and cents.

"Dear Sad Daughter in the Future" - Ask Your Dad
He had me at every single line. Not just because I'm a huge sap with a gigantic soft spot for "The Freshmen," and can sing every single line, and can recall with uncanny clarity listening to it on at least half a dozen occasions with my friends... many of whom were freshmen at the time. No, it's everything else, too. Also- DEFINITELY check out his Iron Man Toy review. If I were his wife, that would be my facebook profile picture. :)

"Eat A Goddam Salad" - Thug Kitchen
First of all, if you're not familiar with this tumblr, you SHOULD be. Thug Kitchen makes my day with every new graphic. I'm a sucker for obscenity laden humor, so Thug Kitchen definitely plays to that. But yeah, salads. Awesome.

"Biology for Non-Scientists" - 649.133
Considering SI's recent obsession with the subject, this struck awfully close to home. Unfortunately for me, she doesn't seem to find any of these answers gross. It's just a matter of time before she asks it she can watch.

The Family Pants"My Questions for Parents of Older Kids" - The Family Pants Blog
I also want the answers to these questions. I would also like to make coundown timers. I also anticipate that my children will always want me to hold them. They will, right?

"Poseiden: Earth Shaker" - Departing the Text
I love everything that Meryl writes. I love the ways she has for using comics as educational tools. I love the comics that she finds to illustrate her points. I want to go out and buy every single book in this series.

"Off-White Like Dzhokhar" - All the Russias
This is a FASCINATING exploration of what it means to be white. How exclusionary the term is, how desperate "white" people can be to otherize any person that frightens them, for any reason. As a person who is white in some contexts and places, and not in many others, I really appreciated this post.

"My Ex-girlfriend Doesn't Want to Date Me After I Dumped Her, Used Her For Sex, and Stalked Her, What Can I Do To Win Her Back Besides Being the Most Sensitive, Fashionable and Artistic Man Who Ever Lived?" - Here's That Bad Advice You Were Hoping For
The author of this blog has done what so many of us advice column junkies have been waiting for- giving the idiots who write insane letter to advice columnists exactly what they wanted to hear- in highest snarky form, of course.


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