June 24, 2013

Rockin' The Bump (Again!)

Way back in the day, I linked up with Shell for Rockin' the Bump, where I showed off my killer twin bump.

Well, let's do a side by side comparison between my first bump and my second!



Don't act like you're not impressed. :)

6 weeks pregnant w/ DD and SI
6 weeks pregnant w/ RH
3 months with DD and SI
3 months with RH
5 months with DD and SI
5 months with RH
6 months with DD and SI
6 months with RH
28 weeks w/ DD and SI
28 week w/ RH
30 weeks w/ DD and SI

30 weeks w/ RH
32 weeks w/ DD and SI
32 weeks w/ RH (and for REAL anemic!)
34 weeks w/ DD and SI
34 weeks w/ RH
35 weeks w/ DD and SI
35 weeks w/ RH
40 weeks w/ DD and SI (and The General)
40 weeks w/ RH
42 weeks w/ DD and SI
42 weeks w/ RH
43+ weeks w/ DD and SI

43+ weeks w/ RH


  1. Yes, you did rock it! :)

    Love all the shots!

  2. You certainly did rock it! I love all the comparisons - all the way through to 43 weeks, my goodness!

  3. These are great. Almost full term with twins and 43+ weeks with your third! You are awesome at growing humans ;)

  4. Rockin' it for sure! And you went to 43 weeks?!? I'm in awe...

  5. Wow. I wish I'd taken baby bump photos when I was pregnant, I think there are all of two photos of me in the whole 9 month period, and both times you can't tell I'm pregnant, but that may have more to do with the fact that I carried in the back so I never got a baby belly. I just looked like I'd gained a little bit more weight than normal :(
    But your photos are gorgeous.

  6. 43 weeks!!! Wow-I never made it to 40 with any of my kids. You're amazing. I love all these photos. Wish I had a few of me pregnant.



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