August 15, 2013

Things- They Happen

That is one big prehistoric fish.
As you may or may not be aware, I set myself a goal for when my manuscript would be "done." I don't mean DONE with all caps, I mean done enough. You know, enough for me to be confident moving forward.

That deadline? It's tomorrow.

And you know what? It ain't happening. I am SO CLOSE, close enough that I can say Monday with certainty. But end of the day tomorrow?

No way, Jose.

But why?

I'll tell you- some super exciting developments have come up. I dedicated a whole day to a pretty intense interview for a literary site.

Let's do the "Columbus"
I spent most of today at The Bump's Public Display of Breastfeeding Day (yes, there is a whole post coming on that tomorrow).

Everybody lactate!
I took my kids to the Field Museum. Tomorrow I'm taking them on a boat tour. And then I'm taking my loaner teenager to the airport and bidding her farewell.

And yet, somehow, the book is closer and closer to done.

So never you fret, friends and loved ones. Things are looking good.

Riding the great majestic Daddysaurous
I therefore leave you for the moment with this wonderful image- DD has decided that for Halloween she wants to be half Batman, half Robin.

Should be fun.


  1. You might not be done, but you're close- and life sometimes has to get in the way of other things! xo

  2. Pretty new to you blog, but I can't wait to see what your book is about. On a side note: I'm very much crushing on BF-ing woman's pink hair.



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