October 11, 2013

The Four Year Old's Bedtime Lament

I cannot go to sleep tonight
The sun is still up in the sky
My sister had more pie than I
My fingernail is scratchy.

I have to pee.
I have to sneeze.
May I have a cup of water please?
I need a bandaid on my knee!
I heard a doggy barking!

I don't care that I didn't nap,
Or screamed when I took off my hat
I've yawned for an hour and a half
But I PROMISE I'm not sleepy!

Another song? Another book?
One with pictures! Let me look!
Not THAT one, the one that I took
and left at Grandma's house!

I hit my head! I hit my butt!
Look! My thumb has got a cut!
The door made a sound when it shut!
Don't leave the room! Don't leave me!

I see a bug!
I see the sky!
I have an eyelash in my eye!
If you don't sit right there I'll cry!
Just look at me- I'm weepy!

Don't lean on that,
Don't sing THAT song!
You're doing all the voices wrong!
My parts are short! Now make them long!
I don't want you to be angry.

Just one more hug,
one more big kiss.
Here on my nose- that time you missed.
Teddy goes right here, like this,
Goodnight, sleepy mommy.

I'll hum a song,
I'll whisper, "hush,"
I won't open my eyes up, much.
My teddy bear I'll gently touch
and nestle in my pillow.

The sun is gone,
the fan blades whirr
Here in my bed I gently purr
With little hands and growing feet
At last, your three year old's asleep.


  1. I just laughed until there were tears in my eyes, thank you so much!

  2. love it..you nailed it.I want to find the monster pajamas in my size!

  3. So funny and then so sweet at the end! I loved it.

  4. Haha! This is great! Isn't it funny how universal the bedtime lament is?



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