January 28, 2014

99 Problems

My little trooper
I had a post nearly finished for this week's Twisted Mix Tape. It was fun, a "feel better" mix for my sister, who is SWAMPED with her Ph.D. work and also just had her tonsils out.

And then I had to put it all on hold to take my four year old to the emergency room, with an apparent asthma attack.

She was SUCH a trooper.

So when I FINALLY got home at half past midnight, the last thing I was going to do was to finish a mix for Aunt Genocide. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but DD's need was greater.

So without further ado- a "Feel Better" mix for my wheezing daughter.

Because I am a good, kind mother, I expose my children to They Might Be Giants on a regular basis. In fact, recently DD told me her FAVORITE movie was "Here Come the ABC's" (thanks Aunt Ginger!). She and SI love this song, but until today they'd never seen it Tiny Tuned up.

I am certain that every child caught the "What's the Fox Say?" bug a few months ago. Mine were no exception. But unlike many parents, an answer struck me. "I know what the fox says!" I told them. "The fox says, OO DE LALLY!" (Coincidentally, the fox ALSO says "Long live King Richard!")

I don't know why exactly, but DD loves this song. She LOVES this song. And I have no objections. And it's nice for me, because it's been a while since I could look at Sarah McLachlan without immediately feeling a weird surge of dog related guilt.

DD never got over her Psy fever.

Another song that DD loves loves LOVES is Shalom Aleichem. And because she's a good girl, she likes it better with a little rock behind it. I'm so proud.

I'm a good mother. I expose my children to all the essential classics. DD is partial to this little number. Even if she generally prefers watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers ("She has such a pwetty dwess!"), whenever I sing this one, she starts kicking her feet around like mad. You know, tap dancing.

Ever since she was six months old, DD has LOVED this song. Recently, I've had to actually start playing the clean version, which is garbled nonsense. But let's face it, she's not listening for the lyrics. She's listening because she can bounce around to it. And honestly... that's why most people listen to music in the first place.

And one extra.

Nothing keeps this kid down.
I love her so much.


  1. First, hope your little one is feeling better today. Wonderful mixtape for her! I've had a sweet spot for the Istanbul song since the 80's when I saw it used in a figured skating program. Don't remember who it was, but never forgot the song.

  2. This is such a perfect list! I hope she feels better, we have the same Nebulizer mask! We call him uncle Nebi! I actually posted a photo of it in my last post, or two posts ago. Dragons on faces always make things better!
    This is a super list, I too exposed the boy to TMBG young. Go for G was his first favorite song and then when we moved on to Flood - he got the Istanbul and Particle Man and all that good stuff!
    Also LOVED that Shalom Aleichem, will definitely play it here!
    And, I also exposed Isaiah to Singing in the Rain and Top Hat at a very young age, that's when he decided he was going to smoke when he grows up. Unforeseen consequence :-) But apparently great mama minds think a like!

  3. She has great taste in music. I hope this helped her feel better.

  4. Awesome list!
    Growing up, my grandmother had a musical ornament that played "I'm Singing In The Rain" and another that played "Raindrops Are Falling on My Head." I got the two songs mixed up all the time, but they bring back some fun memories.
    Hope your little one is feeling better!



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