March 24, 2014

Review: TwirlyGirl Truly Tankful Dress

SI- My TwirlyGirl
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was given a dress for free to review, but all the opinions within are my own.

The kind folks over at TwirlyGirl were gracious enough to send my daughters a Truly Tankful Dress, and it took us FOREVER to find a chance for them to wear it! This winter has been bleak, and miserable, and seemingly endless. They have more than a passing obsession with girls party dresses, so you can imagine it caused no end to the confusion of a single dress with no sleeves in the middle of winter between two excited four year olds.

So the first day that the sun shone and we threw open the windows to let in an early spring breeze, and SI donned the dress.

SI is my dancing TwirlyGirl
As I'm now raising three daughters, I consider myself something of an expert on party dresses for girls. I've seen them ruined with a little dirt, I've seen them cause rashes, I've seen them tug in odd places, and I pretty much know when to anticipate all those things.

The TwirlyGirl dress? Perfect. No itchy tags. No itchy seams. As far as girl party dresses go, this one was easily the most comfortable dress they've worn, outside of Grandma's homemade masterpieces.

But that was just SI's opinion. The next day, and a trip through the laundry later, it was DD's turn.

First of all, I'm not sure I've ever seen a girls party dress go through the wash and come out looking as perfect as it went in. No pilling. No staining. No weird stretches. It might as well have been brand new.


DD twirling in her TwirlyGirl dress
(Nevermind the rainbow on her forehead- that's kind of a long story.)
At first she complained a little that despite being called "TwirlyGirl," it didn't really twirl. But she got over that quickly when I pointed out that the pattern made it look like she was twirling even when she was standing still. That was a pretty huge thrill. Optical illusions- a preschooler's best friend!

What truly shocked me was that both children fit the dress equally well. This is NEVER the case. DD is stockier and shorter, SI is skinny as a beanpole and bony to boot. (You'll note the dress stops at the DD's knee, but sits at about SI's mid-thigh.) But they were both completely comfortable, both perfectly happy, and both delighted with their opportunities to wear it.

I have no idea why the three of them are doing the Care Bear Stare.

I watched both of my children perform contortions, aerobics, acrobatics, and assorted stunts of daring-do in these dresses, and they never once complained about the attire. That something itched, or their skirt was in their way, or anything. And if you've ever had a four year old, you know that there is almost nothing on this earth they can spend a whole day near without coming up with some sort of complaint.

She's a ballerina on a stage.
I had two days where only two children whined that something about their clothing was weird, and you can't put a price on that.

If you'd like to see the whole collection of girls party dresses, you can visit TwirlyGirl. You'll note that, as DD prefers, most of their dresses there ARE quite twirly. Just the thing for Passover or Easter. Best of all? I happen to know that all the cake and candy your kids might eat on those holidays will wash out of these dresses.

Look at that! Good as new!
Happy Spring, everyone!

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