May 29, 2014

Climb Out of the Darkness

As you probably recall, after RH was born, I suffered from fairly crippling postpartum depression.

I spent my days alternating between weeping on the floor under the crushing weight of my own anxiety, or floating through my house, feeling absolutely nothing. There was no in between. There was no happiness. There was only fear, and pain, and regret, and self loathing, and sadness.

It was a terrible time in my life. And I wish, I wish I had known about Postpartum Progress then. I would have had help. I would have reached out. I wouldn't have suffered so long and so silently and felt so entirely alone.

So I'm joining Postpartum Progress in their annual fundraising event- Climb Out of the Darkness. It's not necessarily a literal climb- in the case of the Chicago chapter, it's a hike. But we're hiking to raise awareness of postpartum depression and anxiety, and to raise funds to support the work of Postpartum Progress.

I'm trying to raise $365. That's one dollar for every day of the year, as a reminder that every day is a victory and a small part of the whole.

That means that if each one of you, my lovely readers, donates a single dollar, I will MORE than reach my goal.

Please consider donating, even one dollar, to my climb.

There's a button you can hit to the right of the screen- or you can use the link above.

Thank you.


  1. You're so awesome. I am honored to call you my friend.

  2. A very worthy cause! I think it is completely unrealistic that women are expected to face those early months alone without constant support and assistance from other women. The fact that we send women home to do it all themselves is a travesty. Your experience is not unique.



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